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Warranty Direct is an extended auto warranty provider that has been operating in North American for over 30 years. During that time, they’ve been a Forbes Top 200 company three times, and have paid more than $350 million in claims to protect their customers’ vehicles. Their focus is on customer support, and ensuring that every customer feels as though the are part of a small company that truly cares.


Warranty Direct’s list of services is fairly standard for the extended auto warranty industry. They offer a five-year, 100,000-mile coverage plan that includes the standard powertrain components at all tiers. It comes with a $100 deductible. Warranty Direct offers six different policies so that users can buy only what they need to cover the most expensive elements of their vehicle – or get full bumper-to-bumper coverage if that is what they prefer.

The policy is paid with a standard down payment, and then a payment plan that lasts a maximum of 18 months. Warranty Direct does offer a 60-day money back guarantee, the longest such guarantee that we’ve seen of all extended auto warranty services. They offer standard extra features, such as five days of rental car reimbursement, and roadside assistance.

However, even at the highest tier, they don’t offer many of the extra coverage features, like towing reimbursement, that their competitors do. For some vehicle owners, this may be a positive note – you won’t be stuck paying for extra services you won’t need or use in order to get the most coverage you can on your vehicle. For others, ignoring the extra services offered by competitors could make the price of Warranty Direct’s coverage not as valuable as a similar policy elsewhere.

For a company that prides itself on its customer service, the fact that they do not offer 24/7 customer support comes as a surprise. They also do not have weekend hours for the customer support time. Monday through Friday, during regular business hours, are the only times that they are available through phone or email. They do not have a live chat option on their website, which feels outdated and not as user-friendly as it could be.

User reviews of claim processing are a mixed bag. Most reviews fall into the four-star range; however, there is a growing trend of consumers who are not pleased with multiple coverage denials. Many well-known bloggers in the auto world have mentioned their own bad experiences with Warranty Direct, which has caused their online reputation to suffer. While many reviews praise the service as straightforward and simple, it’s hard to tell if Warranty Direct will honor many claims for repairs that can cost thousands of dollars.


7.1 Total Score

Warranty Direct offers six different policies so that users can buy only what they need to cover the most expensive elements of their vehicle – or get full bumper-to-bumper coverage.

Plan Options
Insured Coverage
Time in Business
Customer Care
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Warranty Direct
65 %
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Warranty Direct
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Warranty Direct
88 %
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  • Several decades of experience backing their policies and procedures
  • Higher than average number of policies to fit any budget
  • Standard list of coverage and extras that provide car owners with what they need, and nothing more
  • Insured Coverage

  • No customer support on the weekends or after hours
  • Website lacks an updated, easy-to-use design, and no live chat option
  • Online reviews show a trend of denied claims


Overall, Warranty Direct ranks somewhere in the middle of the extended auto warranty companies we’ve reviewed. While they do offer a lot of choices for policies, and they are very experienced in the industry, their reviews and lack of customer support access makes them less valuable as a service overall than many of their competitors. Unless you find that Warranty Direct is the best option for your budget, you’re probably better off choosing another service.

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    abe July 11, 2016 at 10:09 am

    Horrible company sales rep lied to me and nothing is covered. You pay top dollar and you think you have coverage but at the end of the day you get nothing in return. I would not do business with this company. reach out to the dealer and find out who they use its your best bet.

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