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With over 65 years in the medical alert business, Bay Alarm Medical is one of the most popular, and cheapest, alert systems in the U.S. They offer a variety of options for diverse needs, all of which can be paid for monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually. Their quarterly rates are the most popular:

• In-Home ($27/month)
• In-Home Cellular ($37/month)
• GPS Mobile Help Button (one-time fee of $80 plus $37/month)
• In-Home + GPS Bundle ($47/month)
• In-Home Cellular + GPS Bundle ($57/month)

The In-Home systems and bundles also have the option of adding on a waterproof Fall-Detection Button that comes in the form of a necklace or wristband depending on your preference for an additional $10/month. The fall button works up to 1000 feet away from the home base and can last 5 years without recharging. If the battery starts to fade, Bay Medical Alert’s towers receive a notification and they send a new one for free.

The In-Home systems come with 32 hours of battery backup in case of a power outage and can be easily transferred to a new home or even taken on vacations. However, the cellular-based In-Home system works with AT&T. Although you don’t have to have AT&T yourself, the device is limited to AT&T service areas.

The GPS device is designed to be used while you’re out of your home. By pushing the button, a representative will speak to you through the speaker in the device and call a friend, family member, or 911 if necessary.


With such low monthly plans and no upfront costs (with the exception of the GPS Button), Bay Alarm Medical is a competitive option. Most people only have good things to say about their system, which is reflected in their A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau as well as numerous positive reviews on Trust Pilot, which is usually a dumping ground for unsatisfied customers.

Some people like to point out that Bay Alarm Medical outsources their monitoring services, which are divided into. Some say that gives them less control over quality. However, real life experience contradicts this criticism, since have received a CSAA Five Diamond certification and meet UL quality standards. To top it off, they provide translation for over 150 languages to make their services as accessible as possible.

Another great thing about Bay Alert Medical is that they provide discounts to members of the AAA, AARP and USAA. Also, unlike some competitors, they don’t charge for extra users, so if you buy a system for you and your spouse, you’ll still pay the same monthly rates.

Really, the biggest complaint related to the company is that they charge $10 for shipping. Most services provide shipping free, but most other services are also more expensive, so although it’s a little inconvenient, you can’t help but laugh at this odd extra cost.


8.2 Total Score

Bay Alarm Medical is one of the most popular, and cheapest, alert systems in the U.S. They offer a variety of options for diverse needs with multiple payment options.

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  • Cheap monthly plans
  • Usually no up-front costs
  • Excellent customer service
  • CSAA Five Diamond certification
  • Large 1000 feet radius from home base

  • Don’t have their own call centers
  • Charge for shipping
  • GPS device isn’t waterproof
  • The cellular base is limited to AT&T service areas


Not only are Bay Alert Medical’s systems less expensive than their competitors, they work better, and have better customer support. Although there are limitations to any alert device that comes with a home base, the GPS Button provides a good solution to help you stay safe even when you leave the radius of the base. All in all, Bay Alert Medical, and their devices prove they’re worth your money and your trust.

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