SUBMIT A SITE Reviews Website Overview Reviews Ratings Pros and Cons Conclusion Compare was founded in 1998, as more than a simple job aggregation website. The company promotes career growth and development through a variety of tools that include resume writing help, retirement planning tips, industry-specific salary research, and a resume distribution service. was focused solely on the United States of America until 2010, when it became a partner of The Network, a worldwide alliance of job boards. Now users from around the world can search for jobs on, and utilize their services to grow in their careers.


While does offer a pared-down search function for job listings, their real value is in their career development tools. Users can create a personal account that has a huge list of features. One tool turns a resume into an appealing infographic to share with potential employers; another gives users a personality test that can help match them up with jobs suited not only to their experience and education, but also their temperament and working style.’s blog is full of articles that offer tips and advice for building a resume, developing career skills, and acing an interview. The basic account is free, but users can pay for a monthly subscription that places their profile at the top of the list of applicants for a listing. While users can apply for jobs directly from the website, not all employers allow this; so users may find themselves retyping information that they’ve already input into Additionally, there’s no way to upload multiple resumes, so users who are searching in more than one industry may have to edit or re-upload a new resume for each specific application.

Users can sign up for email alerts for specific industry postings, and the website offers an app for Android and iPhone. There are no job forums like many other popular job searching websites, and there are far fewer filter options in the search feature.

Beyond’s customer service can be reached through an online contact form, but users may have better luck getting in touch via Facebook or Twitter accounts. keeps both of these accounts active, and frequently interacts with customers through these platforms.


7.2 Total Score
Great is a job aggregation website that promotes career growth and development through a variety of tools that include resume writing help, retirement planning tips, industry-specific salary research, and a resume distribution service.

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  • Helpful and informative blog full of career-building resources
  • Free basic account, with paid service that gives users more exposure
  • Email alerts for new job postings
  • Customer service frequently interacts via social media
  • Resume infographic
  • Personality exam for better job matching
  • Apply for jobs through the website

  • Search feature is not as powerful as most other job aggregators
  • No way to upload multiple resumes
  • Lacking job forums
  • Not all employers listing on the site accept info from site profiles


Overall, it’s difficult to say that would be the best website for a serious job hunter. Their lack of industry-specific research, and weak search function, will make it harder for job hunters to find exactly what they are looking for if they already know what they want.

However, for new job hunters, or those moving into a new career that don’t know exactly what they want yet, might be exactly what users need. The resume and career development tools can help users narrow down a search before they know where to turn, and they may find that they are better suited for something they never would have looked into.

Give’s free account a try if you’re just starting out in your job hunt. It would be a great way to discover more about yourself. Even if you don’t use their listing.

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