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Bitdefender has been keeping internet-connected devices safe since 2001. They make products for both personal devices as well as corporate networks. They’ve won multiple awards throughout their years, from sources such as PCMAG, AV-TEST, and CNET. It isn’t just a malware protection service. Bitdefender also helps you manage passwords, get rid of sensitive files permanently, managing information that your children can view, and addressing viruses that have already corrupted your computer or network.

Bitdefender currently offers three levels of protection, each at a different price point to meet your needs. Antivirus Plus is the basic software, that still comes with tons of extra features that other security software companies make you pay for. Internet Security is the next step up, and offers enhanced control for those who need even more protection. The final step is Total Security, which offers additional encryption and storage services that can help protect all your devices. Any of these can be purchased as bundles for families or businesses with more than one computer or device.


Bitdefender offers multiple types of security software for computers. This is one reason why there are so many differing opinions on Bitdefender around the web. Certain products, like the Bitdefender Internet Security 2016, are highly-rated software that are chock-full of great features. The only downside to the software seems to be that it is not intuitive to use. You’ll have to go into the settings to activate all the great features, and if you need customer support, you’ll likely experience a frustrating few hours. Bitdefender’s customer support is largely automated, and not very quick to fix issues.

If you’re interested in even more of the great features that Bitdefender offers, the Antivirus Plus 2016 software may be the better option. In addition to the scanning and protection, this software also offers the rescue mode, that can save a computer that is already highly infected. While both of these software options can be purchased for Mac or PC, you’ll have to purchase the more expensive Total Security Suite add-on to get the most out of a PC subscription. Many of the features that are advertised as available only come with this uppermost tier.

The list of features is extremely long, and includes email protection, IM protection, quarantine functions, the ability to scan compressed files, different modes so that it doesn’t slow down your gaming or movie streaming, and parental controls. The price is very reasonable considering the list of features. Other Internet security suites require additional payment for things like a password manager or a file shredder.


7.2 Total Score

Bitdefender offers excellent malware protection service. Manage passwords, get rid of sensitive files permanently, managing information that your children can view, and addressing viruses that have already corrupted your computer or network.

Ease of Use
Customer Care
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  • Great spam filter
  • Impenetrable firewall
  • Parental Control
  • Password management
  • Long list of features all included in the price
  • Works for Mac or PC
  • Multiple modes to prevent lagging speed during streaming
  • 30-Day money back guarantee

      • Customer service is slow, or automated
      • Latest version doesn’t work for Windows XP or Vista
      • Extra features must be enabled manually
      • Parental controls can be difficult to use
      • Large installation file


Overall, Bitdefender is a solid choice for those who are comfortable trouble-shooting their own software, and want a total-package computer protection service. Those who want a plug-and-play protector are probably better off looking for a security suite with better customer service and fewer extra features. The multiple awards and years of experience mean that you’ll probably experience perfectly adequate computer protection with Bitdefender, and even using a few of the extra features makes the price more than worth it. The large installation file coupled with the lackluster customer service place Bitdefender somewhere in the middle when it comes to Internet security suite options.

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