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Freshdesk was founded in 2011, after the founders realized that poor customer experience could be largely helped by better customer support software. The cloud-based platform aims to help businesses of all sizes talk to their clients and get in touch with their partners. Today, over 50,000 businesses use Freshdesk, including many educational foundations and investment businesses.

The key role of Freshdesk is to bring all your channels of customer support together into a single user interface, so that at any moment you can interact with customers where they are, and keep data and information all in the same place. And because everything is Web-based, everything can be easily shared among co-workers and automated for even better support.


Freshdesk offers an impressive list of features – one of the most thorough of all the customer support platforms we’ve reviewed. Even at their most basic package level, businesses get plenty of ticket management resources, an integrated phone channel, automation tools, knowledge-base management tools, mobile integration tools, along with some customization and reporting options. The higher up you go in tiers, the more reporting and customization you can access, as well as security features, multi-language and multi-time zone tools, community forums tools, and other channel support like Twitter and Facebook integration.

Customer happiness refreshingly easy

As you can see, Freshdesk is truly a one-stop shop for customer service management. Their live chat function is the heart of their services, with all of the other features working to help promote and support the connection you make with your clients. And with the ticket processing features, businesses can receive incoming tickets straight from social media—instead of reply to tweets with a link or a phone number, you can get a ticket right then and there from the client’s social media account, making it that much easier to provide high-quality service at a moment’s notice.

It’s important to note that Freshdesk does not support the ITIL, and there are no features that would allow businesses who provide IT service to utilize it properly. For those types of businesses, you’d be better served by Freshdesk’s partner, Freshservice.

There is a 30-day free trial, which gives users at least a small taste of the many, many tools that Freshdesk has to offer. After that, the prices begin at the smallest tier ($16 per agent per month), and move up to more expensive tiers that top at $70 per agent per month. All of the plans include 24/7 email support, and 24/5 phone support that you can access for any questions. Additionally, the free trial comes with three free user accounts; if you choose to upgrade to any of the paid tiers after the demo, you can keep those three free accounts forever.

Although the user interface is very easy to use and well-designed, Freshdesk doesn’t always load as quickly as other cloud-based platforms. With so many features built into a single software, some clunkiness may be expected, but if it interferes with your customer service, that could be a problem.


8.4 Total Score

Freshdesk brings all your channels of customer support together into a single user interface, so that at any moment you can interact with customers where they are, and keep data and information all in the same place.

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  • Affordable pricing structure
  • Free 30-day trial
  • Impressive features list, even at the basic level
  • Plenty of customer service options so you can get help when you need it

        • Does not support businesses who offer IT support for their products
        • Clunky loading at times


If you are looking for an overall customer service management tool that allows you to process tickets, chat with your clients, and manage various other aspects of communication, Freshdesk is one of the best options we’ve reviewed. The prices are reasonable and the features list is extensive even on the most basic level. This software could work well for any business, small to large, though it may be simply too feature-packed for a small one-man startup.

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