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Cell phones and smartphones are common now, so GreatCall took advantage of the trends to integrate medical alert systems into their cell phones, which have been simplified for easier use. Because they use the nation’s widest provider, your medical alert system isn’t limited by a home base, rather, you can get help anywhere in that’s in the network.

GreatCall makes two phones and two devices:

• Jitterbug Smart ($149.99)
• Jitterbug Flip ($99.99)
• Splash ($49.99)
• Lively Wearable ($49.99)

Cell phones can be bought separately or with a medical alert plan, which comes as basic, preferred or ultimate.

• Basic ($19.99/month) – comes with 5Star Urgent response, a medication reminder, a wellness call each week, daily health tips, scheduled check-in calls, and brain games.

• Preferred ($24.99/month) – adds 24/7 access to registered nurses and doctors, and an application that alerts friends and family when the alert button is pressed and access to the person’s location through GPS.

• Ultimate ($34.99/month) –adds a personal operator who can help with daily tasks and handset replacement if you lose or break your phone.

The other devices don’t support apps or calls, but they still work on the mobile network, and allow you to get help anywhere.

Splash is waterproof and the same monthly plan options and pricing as the cell phones, but with fewer options. Only 5STAR Urgent Response, 24/7 access to nurses and doctors, the notification app for caregivers, device replacement, and fall detection are available options.

Lively Wearable is a fashionable watch-like device that also tracks your fitness and is waterproof but even more limited in its features (it doesn’t offer 24/7 access to nurses and doctors or device replacement). It’s offered with one monthly plan at $14.99.


SPLASH along with their Jitterbug cell phones are some of the most popular medical alert systems around, and it’s true, they’re hard to beat. GreatCall’s products are simple, functional, and easy to use. There are also a lot of flexible options to suit anyone’s needs, from the basic communication with a responder, to detecting when people fall, and even checking in on someone with pre-scheduled phone calls.

Although medical alerts are key, there’s a lot more functionality to their cell phones, which have been designed to be easier to use for people who have trouble reading small print or touching small buttons. The form of their products makes them not only practical but also helps blend them into other objects so you won’t have to think about specifically bringing a medical device with you, rather, just grab your cell phone and go.

They also have the advantage of no need for installation or a limited home base. Other alter systems stop functioning after you leave the area of the base, but GreatCall eliminates this nuisance. They also have good prices compared to their competitors. Although the upfront costs of their products are high, the monthly costs are reasonable and low.

It’s hard to find anything really negative to say about GreatCall. The only downside may be that their devices need to be charged more often than competitors. They’ve worked hard to provide great customer service and train their 5Star responders well. They’ve been a member of the Better Business Bureau since 2006 and have maintained an A+ rating, working quickly to resolve any complaints that do arise.


7.4 Total Score

GreatCall’s products are simple, functional, and easy to use. There are also a lot of flexible options to suit anyone’s needs.

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  • Unlimited range
  • Get help anywhere
  • Built-in GPS in all products
  • Low monthly costs
  • 24/7 access to 5Star representatives trained in CPR and emergency procedures and nurses

  • Equipment is expensive
  • Activation fees
  • Must pay a $10 fee for cancellation
  • Needs to be charged more often than other devices


GreatCall has proven its worth. Although a bit expensive initially, their top-notch service and thoughtful features make their medical alert products some of the most popular and reliable on the market. However, if you aren’t good at remembering to charge your devices, that might make this great system useless for you.

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