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Hertz is an international car rental company that caters to 145 countries, in addition to the more than 3,000 locations throughout the United States.


Hertz is a leading car rental agency in the United States. Their fleet changes yearly, but includes options from many of the top brands in the industry, like Chevrolet, Nissan and Volkswagen. Renters can also get their hands on unique cars, like Corvettes, Porsches, and Range Rovers. Environmentally conscious consumers can choose from a range of electronic vehicles at many locations.

Interested customers can book a rental online, over the phone, or even in-person, although reservations are recommended. Hertz offers a Best Rate Guarantee, so if you find a better rate within 24 hours of making a reservation, bring it to the attention of a Hertz customer representative to get 10% off the lowest rate.

Serial renters can benefit from becoming a Hertz Gold Plus Rewards member. The program is free, and includes faster pickup and checkout, members only discounts, complimentary additional driver fees, special email offers, and points that can be used to receive free future rentals.

Due to the need to keep their fleet current, Hertz sells off older model cars. Purchasers can benefit when they are a member of the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards program, and will be rewarded with free rentals for their purchase.

One of the nicest things about Hertz is their ability to serve those with disabilities. A simple phone call can put the consumer in a vehicle that fits their unique needs.

Further personalization includes car seat, GPS and electronic toll collecting options.

Hertz caters to businesses by offering various programs with reduced rates for different types of businesses and events, including small businesses, associations, conventions, and special pricing for government and military employees.

Hertz, like most large corporations, has thousands of complaints from consumers. Many of these are related to lack of communication from employees, reservations that were not upheld by the company, and the use of travel aggregators.

For example, there are many consumers who were charged for upgraded vehicles even though they did not request, nor were they advised that they were getting, a mid-level rental when they just wanted a basic sedan. This most often happened when someone reserved a specific type of car, and when they arrived to pick it up they were told that type was not available. Also, small changes in reservations seem to skyrocket fees without warning.

Consumers also reported that when they brought billing issues to the attention of Hertz customer service representatives, they were often met with apathy rather than a desire to help the customer.


5.9 Total Score

Hertz is a leading car rental agency in the United States. Their fleet includes options from many of the top brands in the industry and environmentally friendly electronic vehicles at many locations.

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    • Locations nearly everywhere
    • Many vehicle options to choose from
    • Electric cars available

li>- Customization for those with disabilities

      • Reports of excessive fees
      • Even if you have reservations, you are not guaranteed your chosen model
      • Customer service not helpful


The car rental industry is a cold one. It’s hard to find an affordable, efficient service that is reliable all the time. Because of the size of Hertz, it is no surprise to find thousands of bad reviews from consumers, but it is a surprise to find almost no good reviews. To get the most out of a Hertz rental, consumers should question every fee they will receive before they take the keys. Be aware of insurance fees, mileage fees, costs to drop off at a different location, and costs to rent for additional days.

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