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In an industry where the biggest names are all roughly hocking the same services, brings something new to the website building and hosting world. Their design starts in the mobile arena, fueled by their belief that business websites are more frequently visited by mobile traffic than any other kind. Instead of creating an abbreviated version of your website for the mobile user, they create a website that looks and feels just like an app. Your mobile clients get an interface they are used to, and can navigate your website just like they do their favorite apps.

From there, creates a larger version of your “app” for desktop users. All of these platforms can be customized, but one of the nice things about is that they do all the work for you. Put in a Facebook page or an existing website, and will build your “app” and the desktop version in minutes. Yes, minutes. You’ll have a fully functioning mobile site that you can customize and publish right away.


One of the first things that many users note is that there is no free website option. However, you don’t pay until you publish, so you can use’s mobile “app” builder until you are completely satisfied with the results. While the templates aren’t really that varied, there are a few options for making the look of your “app” and your related desktop site custom to you. is led by a team of app developers who know the ins and outs of creating and displaying content for mobile devices. The basic plan offers you a custom domain, basic analytics, and the ability to integrate with your social feeds. You will see some branding on your basic level site. Bump up to the still affordable premium plan, and you get a whole host of great features like SEO support, a blog, e-commerce tools and reservation tools, and all of the branding is gone.

This is a very new service, having only been launched to the public at the tail end of 2015. So there’s not a lot in the way of customer reviews that you can check out to understand their customer service or pricing. One of the cool features that is “coming soon” is the ability to actually publish your site as a real app in the Apple or Android stores.

It’s important to note that while the pricing page does list the domain as “free” for both the basic and the premium website, a little digging turns up that it is only free for the first year, and the “regular price” for every year after is not listed anywhere. Because the service is focused on mobile support, you won’t see as many customization options or awesome features for your desktop sites like you would with other website building platforms.


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Great is led by a team of app developers who know the ins and outs of creating and displaying content for mobile devices.

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  • Builds you a mobile site in seconds/li>
  • Mobile site acts like an app, giving your visitors a familiar navigation system
  • Affordable pricing
  • New features “coming soon” that will help improve e-commerce
  • Try before you buy feature

      • New, untested servic
      • Hidden price for future domain registration
      • Less customization than many other services


If you want to get in on the “next big thing”, and frequently get reports that your mobile traffic is by far your heaviest, then may be something to check out. Reports have shown that the phone service is fast and friendly, so even if that hidden fee becomes a problem, evidence supports the belief that you’ll be able to get it fixed. When it comes to offering your mobile visitors the best experience possible, an app-like mobile site is an ingenious idea that is sure to gain you some loyal customers. As grows, you’re likely to see even more customization and new features.

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