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Founded in 2004, Indeed is a search engine that allows users to find or post job listings, as well as post resumes and apply for jobs, worldwide. The user base is primarily American, but jobs are listed from all over the globe. While not as recognizable as, Indeed has been the most visited job aggregation website in the United States since 2010.

Indeed was founded on the idea of a “pay-per-click” job advertising platform, wherein trends in the job market could be studied based on keywords and traffic activity. Their total menu of services includes job searching, job trend research, resume uploading, salary trend research, and a user forum.


Like most of the other major job aggregation services, Indeed’s big draw is that it offers job hunters a one-stop shop for job listings. It’s much easier to search through thousands of job posts in a single place than it is to hunt them down across a variety of specialty websites. Indeed has a great keyword tool that lets job hunters narrow down their search. Instead of clicking through a bunch of categories, Indeed users enter phrases in a series of search tabs, until they’ve found the exact niche that they want to be working in. Users can also exclude postings based on certain keywords that they don’t want to see.

The mobile app for Indeed doesn’t get rid of any of the features; all smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices can use the search engine just like they would if they were online, but the information is presented in a mobile-friendly format. Through either the app or the desktop website, users can setup alerts based on specific keywords and locations, so you can get a daily email of new jobs that might appeal to you.

Job posters will probably find that the pay-per-click model is far more affordable than a typical job posting website. Instead of paying a flat fee to post your job opening, you only pay when a potential employee clicks for more information. You give the website a number that acts as a “budget” for your ad, and every click takes a dollar from that budget. As long as the budget limit is higher than the cost your listing has racked up, the listing stays live.

Indeed’s major failing comes in its customer service offerings. Using the website is pretty straightforward, but there are no immediate support options in case you do get stuck. It takes more than a day to get a reply through their email support. This may be a problem for employers who are going through extra steps to upload job listings.

Indeed also offers information on job trends and salary trends, as well as user forums dedicated to specific labor forces; but unlike many other job aggregation sites, there are no resources for career development available.


7.7 Total Score

Indeed is a search engine that allows users to find or post job listings, as well as post resumes and apply for jobs, worldwide.

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Customer Care
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  • Detailed keyword search for better job matches
  • Emailed alerts based on keywords and locations
  • Mobile app doesn’t lose any features
  • Pay-per-click model is more affordable for employers
  • Information on salary and job trends

  • Very little customer support available
  • No career development tools or information


Overall, Indeed is a straightforward tool that helps connect job hunters with potential employers. While it lacks the “extras” that many other websites have, the extensive and detailed search function makes this website a must-have tool for anyone who is looking, not just for their next job, but for a job that fits their needs and abilities perfectly. If you’re thoughtful about the keywords you use to search, Indeed will likely be your best choice for job hunting. Just be prepared to wait if you need to contact customer support.

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