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Intercom was founded in 2011, and allows its customers a way to communicate with their own client bases on every level. This platform allows businesses to improve all aspects of customer service, including support, sales, marketing, and research. Businesses can connect with their clients through social media, in mobile apps, on their websites, or via email with Intercom.

In their first four years of business, Intercom experienced a quadrupling in their revenue, serving over 10,000 customers including major websites and apps like Yahoo!, Hootsuite, and


Intercom divides their customer service tools into four key areas that allow your business to target communication on many levels. The first is Learning, a function that allows businesses to send feedback requests to their clients.

The Engaging tool is full of great options that allow you to anticipate customer needs. For example, through this tool, you can automatically send an email to a customer who has signed up, but hasn’t yet finished activating their account. This tool can also help businesses offer the last-minute support necessary to halt a pending cancellation.

Acquire allows you chat with visitors as they come to your website for the first time, with a focus on turning them into customers. Finally, the Support function allows you to accept and process customer requests through the live chat option as well as email, with tagged messages that can be quickly analyzed and sorted by priority and category.

Intercom isn’t the most affordable customer support software available, but there really isn’t anything else like Intercom. With 1,000 users, prices start at $49 per month; at up to 5,000 users, the price jumps pretty dramatically to $409 per month. Prices above that must be discussed with a customer service rep, and it’s important to note that those prices are for only one of the features listed above. Each additional feature you want to purchase is an extra $4 per month.

They do offer a package that includes three of the four key features, but this is clearly a price gouging gimmick. If you were to purchase all four products together as “separate” products, the total cost would be $65 per month; to get all four products through the special package deal, you pay a total of $106 per moth. Additionally, all of these prices are only for the basic plan in each of the services. The more triggers, reports, and integration features you want within each key feature, the higher the price will be.


7.9 Total Score

Intercom allows its customers a way to communicate with their own client bases on every level. This platform allows businesses to improve all aspects of customer service, including support, sales, marketing, and research

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  • Consumers can easily customize their services by choosing only the key features they need
  • Communicate with your clients on multiple websites, devices, and in apps
  • Collect and analyze customer data for better customer service

      • Very high pricing, even at the basic level
      • Price gouging “package” deal doesn’t leave consumers with a good impression of their business ethics


For small or even medium-sized businesses, Intercom is likely to be prohibitively expensive. Even for larger corporations, there may be little need to pay so much for something that is more focused on populating and maintaining an email newsletter or other subscription service.

However, if you are a subscription-based service that regularly offers service to a couple thousand users, Intercom may be a great solution for you. They offer plenty of features that are sure to boost your customer service, and earn you some great reviews in the process. Just be careful to do the math and choose the products in a way that saves you the most money. Also, be on the lookout for hidden fees and other suspicious business practices. The smart consumer should have no problem making Intercom work for their needs.

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