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Jenny Craig is a weight-loss program that provides personalized support and meal planning to the program’s members. It was founded in 1983, and has grown into one of the most recognized names in the field.


Getting started with Jenny Craig is an easy process. Interested consumers can join through one of the Jenny Craig Centers, which are located throughout the nation, or by making an appointment with a Jenny Craig personal consultant. During the appointment, the consumer reviews their goals, and their weight and measurements are assessed. Afterwards, with the help of the personal consultant, a menu is created. The consumer can either purchase the food from their neighborhood Jenny Craig Center, or it can be delivered to their home. Throughout the process, the member has access to their consultant for motivation, re-evaluation and support.

The program’s cost varies, depending upon the depth of services chosen by the member. An annual membership costs $19 monthly, and comes with additional savings for food, provides unlimited access to their consultation, and extra help when it comes to maintenance. The monthly membership costs $39 per month, and includes a weekly consultation with a personal consultant and a weekly menu. Consumers should be aware that this monthly fee is reoccurring, and written cancellation may be required to avoid further charges. The average cost of food for a daily meal plan is $15 to $23.

Jenny Craig program participants almost always utilize the prepared foods that are part of the service. Jenny Craig has over 100 menu choices, which can be purchased at Jenny Craig locations or can be delivered to members’ doorsteps. While it may be helpful, in the short run, for people trying to lose weight to have their food prepared in advance – it does come with some drawbacks. For one, the food is not known as being particularly tasty. Furthermore, it is all processed food with high amounts of sodium. Nutritionists recommend sticking to whole foods and avoiding overly-processed items like those found within the program. Thirdly, an important part of the program is portion control, which is hard to learn when a third-party is preparing all your meals.

The range of quality among personal consultants and Jenny Craig Centers is one of the main drawbacks of the program. Jenny Craig does try to enhance the program’s effectiveness by educating their consultants, but there are still many complaints from consumers about their particular consultant’s lack of care. One of the main complaints is that the personal consultants feel more like salespeople than support. It would behoove the consumer to research their neighborhood location or ask current members for a recommendation when it comes to being assigned their consultant.

One nice aspect of Jenny Craig is the company’s commitment to science. Jenny Craig has participated in numerous independent studies to test and retest their approach to weight loss.


6.3 Total Score

Jenny Craig is a weight-loss program that provides personalized support and meal planning to the program’s members.

Ease of Use
Customer Care


Jenny Craig
86 %
50 %


Jenny Craig
77 %
50 %


Jenny Craig
81 %
50 %

  • Methods are proven to work with independent scientific studies
  • Access to a personal weight loss consultant
  • No-thought eating with prepared food

      • The program is expensive
      • Some consumers felt their personal consultant didn’t provide the necessary education or compassion towards their weight loss journey


Many people can, and have, lost weight using the Jenny Craig program. That being said, it may not be the healthiest of choices for most people. The program features processed foods, which can be detrimental in the long run. Additionally, the program is expensive. The consumer could save a lot of money by educating themselves on proper portion and calorie control, and then shopping for whole foods on their own. However, for those who have struggled to lose weight without the extra support, Jenny Craig can be an easy option to help them get started on the right path.

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