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Medical Care Alert is basic, but it proves itself time and time again in customer satisfaction. It offers three options, which you can pay for annually, semi-annually, or quarterly, which is shown below:

• Home ($27.45/month)
• Home & Yard ($32.04/month)
• Home & Away (36.62/month)

The Home and Home & Away options use landlines to function while Home & Away relies on AT&T wireless and GPS. The simple Home option has a radius of 1,000 feet but is only good for the house and has an optional fall detection. Home & Yard is somewhat portable and comes with a pendant, and you can even get 600 feet away from it and still use the 2-way speaker. The final option uses GPS and is meant to be fully mobile. Fall detection can also be added for an extra fee.

None of the options require upfront costs, and although there aren’t any month-only contracts, you can cancel at any time. There are no activation fees and no setup fees, and even get a 30-day free trial (if you return the equipment without testing it you receive a charge).


Medical Care Alert is a simple, basic system. Its prices are slightly more expensive than their competitors, and the options available are more limited. They don’t offer mobile alerts, check-in calls, medication reminders, or some other common options. However, in many other ways, Medical Care Alert is superior.

Although their blunt and honest statement that the fall detection system stresses that it doesn’t detect 100 percent of falls might sound like a turn-off, their system actually detects more falls than most other alert systems.

They have only received one complaint to the Better Business Bureau in the last three years, and easily maintain an A+ rating, which easily outdoes many of their competitors. Angie’s list has also recognized their superior customer service by awarding them the Super Service Award four years in a row. Obviously, customer service has proven itself.

Aside from a lack of options, the systems work very well, but unfortunately, they might not work for everyone. Only one system uses wireless AT&T while the other two require a landline. Another problem is the fact that they can only provide service to English and Spanish speakers while some competitors have translators for over 100 languages.


7.8 Total Score

Medical Care Alert is a basic medical alert monitoring system with excellent customer satisfaction. They offer three options with different payment options.

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Medical Care Alert
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Medical Care Alert
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Medical Care Alert
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  • 30-day free trial
  • Certified EMTs on call 24/7
  • No activation fee
  • No monthly payment plans
  • No up-front costs

  • Limited options
  • Only available in English and Spanish
  • No month-only contracts available
  • No wireless home-base systems


People who choose Medical Care Alert are bound to be happy as long as they fully understand the limitations as well. As a basic medical alert system, it works better than most. However, it lacks some options that others might need, requires a landline and is only available in two languages. If that’s not a problem for you, go for it, but keep in mind you might be able to find similar prices with more features elsewhere.

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