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One of the leading providers of home security monitoring, Monitronics has received numerous awards and national recognition. They offer three types of wireless security: Basic, HomeTouch and Home Touch Premier, all of which come with free equipment and free installation. The plans can be adjusted to add other services for additional fees as well. For example, you can add on medical, heat, smoke, freeze and carbon monoxide monitoring as well as water detection to the basic plan. The HomeTouch Plan can also be manipulated to add on the more advanced options covered in the Premier plan, too. The basic system does not come with mobile access however, nor can this option be added to the plan.

Although Monotronics provides security monitoring, they do not manufacture or provide the systems themselves, which come from a variety of dealers. For installation, repairs or other services you will work directly with the authorized dealer. Monotronics cannot help with repairs directly and mostly manages sales.


Although Monitronics is one of the leading security monitoring providers in the United States, and has received a Consumers Choice Award every year between 2012 and 2015, their reputation is a mixed bag. In the last three years alone, they have received over 2,000 complaints from the Better Business Bureau and their rating has decreased to an A minus.

Some of these complaints are derived from misleading information provided on the site and by representatives. Customers are led to believe they will pay less than they actually do. Installation and equipment are free, which is highly advertised on the site. However, a highly priced activation fee is somewhat hidden, so you might as well have paid for installation or equipment from another provider. Also, online information seems to indicate that the HomeTouch Security package comes with the same options and equipment as the more expensive HomeTrouch Premier option. Only a few oddly similar looking crosses indicate that most options in the HomeTouch Security package have additional charges for the service, equipment, or for both. With the Home Touch Security options, you may even end up paying more because the pricing and package are misleading.

Another source of ire among customers are the three or five year minimum contracts, which must be paid through. They cannot be cancelled, even if you no longer need the service or move. Transferring the service while moving might be as “easy” as advertised, but it also locks you into a new three or five year contract. This aspect however, is not very different from other top tier monitoring companies. What is different however, is the fact that Monitronics reserves the right to increase monthly rates. Considering that Monitronics is already a pricy option compared to its competitors, rising rates and long term contracts make them one of the lesser recommended home security options.

The quality of service also varies depending on your location. Because Monitronics doesn’t make the equipment itself and contracts with local dealers, the quality of service and customer satisfaction often varies.

To make matters worse, if you want to cancel the service even after your contract is up, it can be challenging. Simply calling the company to cancel, which may seem logical, often leads to a runaround and having to pay for additional month’s service, until you send in a written and signed letter formally canceling the service.


4.9 Total Score

Monotronics offers three types of wireless security: Basic, HomeTouch and Home Touch Premier, all of which come with free equipment and free installation.

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  • Flexible options
  • Fewer false alarms
  • Boasts many awards and certifications
  • Free installation and equipment

      • Changeable fees
      • Misleading pricing and charges
      • Long contracts that cannot be cancelled
      • Poor customer service and support


For such a complex, highly priced and binding security monitoring service, you’d expect the best. Unfortunately, Monotronics isn’t able to provide quality customer service or consumer friendly pricing or contracts. Although they may have fewer false alarms, and some cool monitoring features, most other top quality monitoring systems provide similar options at similar prices with better contracts, some with even lower monthly pricing. Although Monotronics provides service to over a million homes and business and have received numerous awards, many have found the overall experience to be less than desired.

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