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In 1999, two of the very first career service websites merged to create, which has since become one of the most recognizable names for job seekers. This job aggregation site is largely focused on connecting job hunters with openings for lower-level and mid-level positions within companies. They gained recognition through their yearly Super Bowl ads, which started in 1999 right after the company was founded. According to their website, nearly 30 resumes are uploaded to every minute, and over 165,000 jobs are viewed every hour. The website serves industries and job seekers around the world.

REVIEW has been the subject of a lot of scandal over the years, particularly in the area of identity theft. Multiple instances of job seekers’ resumes and personal information being stolen have left users wondering if Monster is a safe website to search for jobs.

Monster is definitely one of the most comprehensive job aggregation websites around. In addition to their search function, Monster offers career advice, a salary calculator, and resume resources that can help users nail the finer points of a great resume. Users can apply directly through the website by creating a free profile and uploading a resume; their “one click” application process makes it easy for job hunters to apply in batches, saving time and cutting down on the amount of time spent between work.

Monster also integrates with LinkedIn, so users can easily connect employers to their experience and references via the popular career website. There is also a premium service, which costs a one-time fee, that connects users to recruitment agents who can help get them in the door faster. Monster’s mobile app allows for the use of all of the features and functions, and they also have a feature that connects to Facebook called BeKnown. This app makes your Facebook profile work for you, searching for professional connections that can help you find a job.

Monster is one of the few job aggregators that includes a full help center on their website, full of DIY customer service in case users need to find a quick answer. Their customer service teams also connect with users through a Twitter profile, forums, live chat, by phone, and through an online contact form.

In addition to concerns about identity theft, is notoriously filled with spam job postings, or phishers looking to get personal information when job seekers apply to fake listings. While Monster is aware of the issue, and has publically addressed it several times, no solution has been found yet to rid the boards of these scams.


7.5 Total Score

Monster is one of the most comprehensive job aggregation websites around. In addition to their search function, Monster offers career advice, a salary calculator, and resume resources.

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  • Extensive list of features to help search for jobs and develop career skills
  • Apply directly through the website with a “one click” function
  • Integrates with LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Full-featured mobile app
  • Customer service can be contacted in many ways

  • History of identity theft issues
  • History of scam job postings that haven’t been eradicated
  • First time users may be overwhelmed by the variety of resources presented on the home page


If you are simply using to find out about job openings in your area or industry, there is no better place to do so. Monster is popular enough and large enough that it will likely host far more job listings than any other aggregation site out there.

However, if you want to take advantage of Monster’s other great features, it’s try at your own risk. While Monster hasn’t had an identity leak in a couple of years, their history with the issue, as well as their notorious scam listings, make it hard to trust that they’ll keep your resume safe.

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