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Citizens of Denver and the surrounding areas can now access information regarding qualified solar power installation through My Solar Pulse. This business helps people find out if solar power is a good fit for their lifestyle, and then helps those who want to continue find the right information through the right experts.

They partner with B Green, which is another organization that helps homeowners determine if solar energy is right for them. My Solar Pulse and B Green allow homeowners to come to them for a one-stop shopping experience that connects them to the right professionals.


Solar energy is gaining popularity fast, but it’s still not completely mainstream. It may be hard for the typical homeowner to find information on the options for solar power, or the options for installers. And once you approach a specific contractor for information, you may feel as though you are stuck hiring them, rather than shopping around for other options. The truth is that there are far more solar power options out there than most people realize.

This is where organizations like My Solar Pulse come in. In order to begin the process, consumers fill out a contact sheet that prompts a representative from My Solar Pulse to call. Together, you’ll discuss how solar power can help you save money and the environment, and find out if solar power is right for you. Then you’ll be connected to the professionals who can help you get the job done.

There is some information on the website that users can check out before offering up their contact information. For example, on the “Talk to an Expert” page, My Solar Pulse lists some basic statistics and figures that often draw homeowners to consider solar power in the first place, such as the tax incentives that are currently being offered, and a link to a state-by-state guide of just how much you could reduce your energy bill. So far, the states listed include Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York. (It seems strange that Colorado is not listed for a Denver-based company.)

The questions that you’ll be asked by the representative include your address, the name of your electric company, and your phone number. Using this information, they can tell you what solar options are available for your area, and how to go about working with your electric company when you install solar power. There is a brief mention of financing and loans, so My Solar Pulse may also be able to help users budget for their solar installation.


6.6 Total Score

My Solar Pulse is a great way to get information that can help you go solar, save money and live greener if you live in one of the serviced areas.

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  • Information on the website is easy to find and clearly laid out
  • Handy guide to some of the basic statistics and figures that homeowners need to know about solar power

  • Limited list of states that are serviced by My Solar Pulse. The state where the company is based is not one of those
  • You must give out your phone number, and be willing to accept a call, to get more information
  • The information generally only applies to homeowners
  • • There are no third-party or user reviews elsewhere on the web for comparison


If you live in one of the serviced areas, and have no idea where to start with solar energy, My Solar Pulse may be worth looking into. While the information on the website is slim, it does match up to information elsewhere on the web regarding solar power savings. They don’t require any payment information on the website, so it’s likely that the initial phone call is free. This could be a great way to get information that can help you save money and live greener.

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