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Network Solutions is a name that has been around in one way or another since 1979. They didn’t begin their domain registration and website development services till the late 1990s, but their decades of technology consulting made them a leading name in the website building industry.

In 2011, Network Solutions was bought out by, making them another branch in the ever-extending reach of Web’s family of website services. They have multiple hosting plans, all priced very low, and each allows you to use a variety of built-in tools. The most expensive “basic plan” option, which still comes in at under $5 per month, includes the ability to sell products and services through your website.

If you have a middle to large-sized business in need of a basic website with simple, practical features, Network Solutions is targeted to your needs.


Unfortunately, being a branch, Network Solutions suffers the same horrible stories about shoddy customer service and absurd cancellation policies that plague In fact, the Network Solutions cancellation policy includes an item that locks you in to a yearly payment for the duration of your plan, regardless of when you cancel. This means that if you cancel a two-year contract after a few months, you’ll still pay part of the yearly fees for the total two years. It is the same with four, three, five, and ten-year packages.

One great thing about Network Solutions is the built-in encryption option, and the site backup that doesn’t cost any extra. You can rest easy knowing that every single file on your website is secure at all times, for the same price you pay regularly. Many users like the fact that their pricing is based on an a la carte system: you pay for your basic hosting plan, deciding how much storage and what sorts of basic features you need. Then you pay extra for only the features you need, and nothing more.

As with, many users have found that Network Solutions’ pricing can be sneaky, with many reports that their cheaper plans come with hidden fees. Particularly after your renewal date passes, the fees can jump up quite high.

It isn’t the most modern or stylish website designer you can choose, but the templates they do have are professional and mature. This is perfect for a company that needs a no-nonsense face online, such as law office or an accountant. You don’t have to know anything about coding or designing in order to build a website with Network Solutions, and while their customer support isn’t as available or reliable as other services, there are many tutorials and educational services to take advantage of.


8.1 Total Score

Network Solutions allows customers to create professional websites with a variety of templates, built-in tools and hosting plans.

Ease of Use
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  • Cheap introductory pricing
  • Easy-to-use website builder
  • Good e-commerce options
  • A la carte plan that allows you to pay for only what you use
  • Professional, no-nonsense templates

      • Hidden and surprise fees
      • Expensive cancellation policy
      • Lack of customer support
      • No dedicated servers
      • Overwhelmingly bad reviews online from many users disappointed since the takeover in 2011


Despite being bound by the business practices of a company that has lost many users’ trust, Network Solutions can still be a decent option for someone who doesn’t need a lot of extra bells and whistles with their website building service. You can easily add or remove features from your site as you learn what is most effective, and your monthly bill will only reflect what you use. If you are committed to sticking with your simple but professional site through Network Solutions, there is really no reason you shouldn’t have a perfectly acceptable experience.

If you prefer to trust that you’ll always be able to get help from great customer support when you need it, it’s probably best to look elsewhere.

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