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Paleo Grubs Book claims to be the “only healthy cookbook you will ever need,” and for paleos, that just might be the case. With 17 different sections and 470 recipes, you’ll have something new to cook every day of the year, and then some.

All of the recipes, snacks and meals alike, are approved by a nutritionist, and include things like pulled pork tacos with mango salsa, garlic poached shrimp, almond butter cups, poached pears, and other creative inventions that follow all the paleo diet’s guidelines.

Included with the $37 cost of the book you’ll get a few other perks:

• A 10-week meal plan and shopping lists
• Paleo Desserts, another book but this time devoted to 40 paleo friendly treats
• Slow Cooker Meals, with 30 recipes.
• A sixty-day full money back guarantee

All of these products are included in the price and can easily be accessed online, as all the books come in an e-book format.


As far as e-books go, $37 might seem like a steep price to pay for a digital copy. However, not many print books have the capacity to pack in so many recipes, which makes Paleo Grubs Book a comprehensive and easy to follow cookbook for paleo dieters and healthy eaters alike.

Although there are a variety of recipes for almost any occasion, most people are impressed by their ease and likeability, even among picky children. One of the challenges of any diet is adding variety so it doesn’t get boring, and this cookbook provides lots of ideas.

Even if you are new to paleo, the meal plans and recipes are easy to read and follow, although to get detailed information about research behind paleo diets you might need another source. While there might be a small dearth of information in that regard, educating isn’t really the purpose of the book, either. Rather, the idea is to provide endless and accessible recipes.

Best of all, if for some reason you don’t like the taste of the foods, you can return the e-book within 60-days for a full money back guarantee. This promise adds some reliability to their claims, so if you do decide to try the book you can rest assured you won’t be wasting your hard earned dollars.

The only downside to this cookbook is the fact that it’s only available as an e-book, which might be a bit inconvenient when it comes to actually cooking and having to keep referring to a digital screen. It also doesn’t include metric measurements, which makes it a bit inconvenient for users outside the states.


8.9 Total Score

Paleo Grubs Book is affordable and easy to follow. The recipes are delicious and easy to cook, and it even comes with shopping lists for the meal plan so you don’t have to figure out everything you need to buy.

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  • Tons of recipes for various meals
  • 10-week meal plan
  • Bonus books
  • Easy to make recipes
  • Good for picky eaters
  • 60-day money back guarantee

  • Only available as an e-book
  • Can be difficult to navigate back and forth between recipes or pages
  • Looking back to recipe on technological device while cooking may be inconvenient
  • No metric conversions


Paleo Grubs Book is a go. It’s affordable, easy to follow, the recipes are delicious and easy to cook, it even comes with shopping lists for the meal plan so you don’t have to figure out everything you need to buy yourself, two other books, and a great guarantee. With this cookbook, you can’t go wrong.

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