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PaleoHacks Cookbook and bonus materials present about 200 recipes divided into six categories (snacks, meat, soups, salads, omelets, and desserts) that contain no refined sugars, preservatives, dairy products, lentils, starches, grains, or additives that would appeal to any paleo enthusiast.

If you buy from the Paleo Recipe Team’s website, you’ll get these “bonus gifts” for free:

• PaleoHacks 30-Day Jumpstart – guide to quick weight loss and health benefits through the paleo diet

• Eating Paleo at Restaurant Guide – how to eat out and what to look for to avoid hidden gluten and dairy

• The Paleo Foods and Fails Guide – lists of paleo foods, a seasonal food guide, and a paleo shopping list

• Paleo 4x Cookbook – 65 easy and fast recipes

• One-Month Paleo Meal Plan – puts the 125 recipes from the PaleoHacks Cookbook into a meal plan

They claim all of this values over $150 but sell it for just $15 and promise a 60-day money back guarantee.


PaleoHacks Cookbook from the Paleo Recipe Team starts off incredibly gimmicky, promising incredible health benefits and asking for just 15 minutes of your time to show you how this can be achieved with their 200+ recipes. However, be warned, the only way you can fail on the paleo diet is by not being able to make delicious and varied food “FAST”. Which is obviously why you need to buy their book. If you don’t order in 15 minutes (there’s a timer countdown) you’ll miss out on their special offer! Normally, this $150 value only costs $50, but if you buy it now they’ll give you a “limited time” discount and sell it at $15. Not exactly. Just refresh the page.

Once you move past the annoying attempt to sell their product, there’s actually some quality material included. Don’t be fooled, though, you won’t be getting more than 200 recipes, that’s what is included in the entire package.

This recipe book is unique in that it was created by many paleo followers, so there’s a lot of variety and originality. Plus, real families making the recipes ensures they are all fast and easy to make. In fact, the book was made at a 6th grade level and assume the users have pretty much 0 cooking knowledge. That makes it one of the easiest books to use.

Although it’s certainly easy to use and make the recipes, buyers complain about a serious lack of photos. Compared to similar paleo recipe books, this one has less recipes, but is also cheaper so might be a good introduction to easy paleo recipes.


8.9 Total Score

PaleoHacks Cookbook paleo meals are simple and easy to make. The instructions that are also easy to follow.

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  • Make by real, normal, paleo eaters
  • Can purchase digitally and is printable
  • Fast and easy recipes anyone can make
  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • Very affordable

    • Not enough pictures
    • Isn’t available in print
    • Annoying sales gimmick
    • Real value probably is not $150


Definitely don’t get conned into paying more than $15 for the Paleo Recipe Team’s package, because compared to other cookbooks, the real value is probably $15, not the claimed $150. If you like a lot of pictures and want even more recipes, this package isn’t for you. However, if you want meals that are simple, easy to make, and instructions that are easy to follow then this package does stand out. Some other cookbooks have ingredients that are difficult to get or require longer prep times but the main advantage of this package is that it’s made by real people who have tried these recipes and know they work for everyday people.

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