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Petplan is a pet insurance company that was founded in 2003 in North America. They also operate a sister company called Petplan UK that is located in Europe. Petplan North America covers pets in all 50 states, plus the District of Columbia, for medical emergencies such as accidents, injuries, and illnesses. Petplan is the pet insurance provider for The Humane Society of the United States, as well as North Shore Animal League America.


Petplan is an emergency medical coverage insurer, meaning that they do not offer regular wellness coverage for pets. However, the coverage that they do provide is very detailed, and includes long-term illnesses such as cancer, along with injuries, accidents, and various other types of illness. One major bonus for many pet owners is that Petplan offers non-routine dental coverage. Broken teeth from an accident will be covered under the Petplan policy, for example. Additionally, Petplan offers a $1,000 coverage plan that will reimburse you for non-refundable trip expenses if your pet’s injury or illness cancels your vacation.

They do impose annual limits for coverage, but these are very high – up to $22,000 per year could be covered depending upon which plan you choose. Petplan has three policies, each with their own deductible amount. Users can customize their copay amount, or choose to not pay a copay at all, but they cannot mix and match deductibles, coverage, and copay like many other pet insurance companies.

However, Petplan does offer the largest variety of discounts of all the pet insurance policies that we reviewed. You can get a discount simply for buying your insurance online, for insuring more than one pet, for being a part of the military, if your dog is a medical service dog, if you yourself are a veterinary professional, as well as various other discounts. Additionally, Petplan is one of the few pet insurance providers that we reviewed who do not place a maximum age limit on the pets that they will cover – even your older family dog can be covered by Petplan’s policies.

Petplan’s customer service is available 24/7 through a hotline, but they can also be reached via email. They offer a FAQ on their website for most common questions, and the entire claim submission and processing system is online. Getting a quote for coverage is a simple three-part process, but does require submission of your personal information before you can see prices.


8.5 Total Score

Petplan offers emergency medical coverage. The coverage they provide is very detailed, and includes long-term illnesses such as cancer, along with injuries, accidents, and various other types of illness.

Deductible Options
Copay Options
Quality of Coverage
Customer Care
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  • Multiple types of coverage, including specialty coverage like canceled vacation reimbursement
  • High annual limits
  • No limit on the age of the pet
  • Choose your own copay
  • Many discounts to make the price lower
  • 24/7 hotline for customer service

      • No wellness exam or routine medical services coverage
      • Not as many options for customizing your policy


Choosing to use an emergency medical insurance policy for your pet is more about peace of mind rather than the firm knowledge that you’ll be using it often. While you’ll still be paying for the annual vet visits, it’s good to know that an accident or sudden illness won’t put your budget in a crisis. For this kind of peace of mind, Petplan is a great option. They have an easy claims process, and an excellent reputation for paying out claims in a timely manner.

While you won’t have quite as much control over your policy as with other pet insurers, the fact that Petplan offers so many extra types of coverage, and the fact that they will cover even a much older pet, makes them one of the top pet insurance companies we’ve reviewed. Petplan’s 24/7 help hotline is the cherry on top of this already very attractive option for pet insurance.

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