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Founded in 2005, PowerReviews is a review management software and technology developer, which creates products and platforms that help businesses connect with their customers through reviews. The company operates multiple platforms, such as and Their clients include some of the biggest names in retail, like Skechers and Lord & Taylor.

Besides operating multiple platforms for consumer reviews, PowerReviews offers a four-part software that helps businesses manage their automated ratings and review processes.


The PowerReviews software allows businesses to consider SEO, consumer engagement, Google ranking, as well as accuracy and moderation in relation to their reviews and ratings. The full suite is easy to implement, and integrates with all major e-Commerce platforms. Additionally, PowerReviews guarantees that all moderation is done by a real person.

The software can also be purchased by the module. These include Seller Ratings, Social Loyalty, Social Answers, and Ratings and Reviews. Ratings and Reviews is the core module, which displays reviews, pros, cons, and best uses in a simple widget on any page. This information is collected from reviews and compiled into one easy-to-compare list. There are thousands of templates that can be customized to your brand’s needs, and the widget is fully mobile responsive.

Social Answers is a Q & A software that increases the chances that a browser will become a buyer, by enabling them to find fast answers to any questions they have. Social loyalty allows businesses to reward customers who do take the time to leave reviews, which generates more review content. Finally, Seller Ratings syndicates ratings regarding overall shopping experiences, and displays them as stars on Google’s search results. This improves the chances that consumers will click on a website in the first place.

Consumers can request a demo of any of the software (or of the full suite), all of which can be customized with CSS. While pricing info can’t be found on their website, reviews suggest that the services are paid for via subscriptions that start around $145 per month. Customer support can be reached through a phone number, by email, or through the customer support portal for existing companies. Their offices are located in Chicago, San Francisco, and London.

While PowerReviews does offer many great ways to manage reviews across various platforms, there is no single way to generate a product review page. And while integrations grow every day, so far there is no way to integrate with Bing Shopping, and integrating with Google Shopping isn’t as streamlined as it should be for a service that works perfectly with Google in other ways.

Finally, while PowerReviews is one of the more expensive options for review management software, their progress is slower than most of their competitors. The features they offer today are the same features they’ve been offering for many years, and they haven’t proven that they are committed to picking up the pace of innovation.


6.1 Total Score

PowerReviews full suite software allows businesses to consider SEO, consumer engagement, Google ranking, as well as accuracy and moderation in relation to their reviews and ratings.

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  • Four-part software that addresses many areas of review management
  • All areas of the software are customizable
  • Live moderation performed by a real person
  • Free demo available

  • No pricing information on their website; reviews reveal higher prices than most competitors
  • No way to generate a product review page
  • Lacking certain integrations
  • Progress is slower than competitors


PowerReviews might be a good choice if you’re trying to learn about review management, and want to see each area of consumer connection broken down while you analyze your market. And in truth, there aren’t many competitors out there offering these precise services. But as far as meeting your goal of getting more reviews, there is likely a more intuitive, and more affordable, option to consider.

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