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Pride Mobility began in 1986 when the Meuser family bought Pride Health Care Inc., which only made wheelchair lifts at the time. Over the years the company expanded and developed to include mobility scooters and accessories, offering many of their products internationally as well. Although now considered a worldwide provider, the company headquarters remain in Pennsylvania.

Their website has a helpful tool to help you select the scooter that’s right for you based on specific needs, like whether you require your scooter for indoor or outdoor use or need one that is easily portable. They generally offer a total of 12 models, most of which come in two color options, red or blue, and a lifetime warranty on the frame and 2-year limited warranties on the electronics and drivetrain. Prices vary have a large range depending on the model. The Go-Go ES 2 is the cheapest option at $1,425 while the most expensive comes in at $5,800 for the Pursuit Sport 36 Volt.

Pride Mobility claims to be a world leader in the development and manufacture of mobility products, and promise their customers superior style and technology so users can fulfill the company’s goal – to “Live One’s Best!”.


Up until recently, Pride Mobility has maintained a good reputation. They receive fewer complaints to the Better Business Bureau than their competitors and have worked to resolve all of them in a timely manner, holding an A+ rating.

While most people are happy with the ease of use and performance, the main overall complaint about these scooters is their durability. Shortly after purchase some people begin to experience technical problems. Quite tellingly, the scooters only come with a 2-year limited warranty on the electronics and drivetrain, and many people experience problems with these at the 2 or 3-year mark. It seems like the company hasn’t designed their machines to truly last.

In 2016 another issue came to light – Pride Mobility is facing a class action lawsuit in the UK for forcing retailers to sell some of their scooters bellow the recommended retail price from 2010 to 2013, according to Daily Mail. As many as 34,000 people may have overpaid for their scooters, and could be entitled to over 11 million USD or £7.7. It seems incredibly low for a company that provides their products to many elderly and disabled people to take advantage of their limited funds.


7.7 Total Score

Pride Mobility offers 12 scooter models with a lifetime warranty on the frame and 2-year limited warranties on the electronics and drivetrain.

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  • Easy to use scooters
  • Positive reputation
  • Worldwide provider
  • Works to resolve complaints

      • Scooters are less durable
      • Warranty is limited to two years on the electronic parts
      • Face a class action lawsuit for price fixing
      • Many technical issues


Considering the short warranties related to the technical side of Pride Mobility’s scooters and the fact that they are prone to so many technical problems, it might be in your best interests to opt for a scooter provider that has longer warranties. Although the class action lawsuit only affects one country, the fact that the company fixed prices is suspicious and makes their reputation questionable. They don’t seem to have their client’s best interests at heart.

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