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StubHub is a website that allows private individuals to sell tickets for events all over the world, directly to other private individuals. StubHub provides the marketplace, as well as a few basic guarantees to protect both parties, in exchange for a processing fee. Through the website, millions of fans are able to buy tickets to events that were sold out, or too expensive through traditional means, from other fans who couldn’t make it, or had extra tickets.

StubHub works through their desktop app as well as many mobile apps, including apps for iPhone, Android, iPad, and Apple Watch. StubHub has been operational since the year 2000, and is owned by eBay.


One of the first things that many consumers love about StubHub is the fact that all fees, including delivery, are included in the list price of tickets. Ticket prices are based on market value of the event, and all fees are presented up front before you ever click “Buy”. Tickets can be delivered via mail, via email as a PDF, or at pick-up centers where you can get tickets in person before your event. All browsing, purchasing, delivering, and transaction completion can be done through the mobile app as well as on the desktop app.

StubHub also offers a rewards program that gives users credits towards future purchases every time they buy. For sellers, it’s free to list as many tickets as you want to sell, and StubHub takes a simple 15% every time a listing sells. If the tickets are close to expiration, StubHub’s marketing team can even help you promote them to buyers who visit the website. They offer multiple payment methods, including an option to donate your pay to a charity directly.

StubHub’s basic buyer guarantee is that the tickets will arrive on time, that the tickets will be legitimate, and that they will issue refunds if the event is cancelled. Sellers are guaranteed to receive “speedy” payment, though there is no mention of an exact timeline. Their customer service representatives are based out of the country, and in the event that a fake ticket is sold through the StubHub network (it has been known to happen more than once), the guarantee isn’t clear on reimbursement. Customer reviews range from being offered no refund or exchange at all, to being given StubHub credit, to be given a full refund.

Most of the issues that buyers face are seller-related, such as sellers sending the incorrect tickets, or sellers not providing the promised seats to an event when they realized they’d listed their tickets incorrectly. While this reflects badly in StubHub’s reviews, there’s not much the company can do; they don’t directly involve themselves in the selling process, or screen any sellers or buyers. They simply act as a marketplace and matchmaker, ensuring that the money exchange is handled smoothly. When you consider that these are truly the only purposes of StubHub, their ranking goes up quite a few notches.


7.9 Total Score

StubHub is a great place to get inexpensive tickets that are hard to find elsewhere. They also offer a rewards program and a buyer guarantee.

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Customer Support
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  • All prices listed include fees and shipping
  • Multiple delivery methods
  • Multiple payment methods for sellers
  • Free to list tickets to sell
  • Refunds are issued for any event that is cancelled

      • Customer service is hit or miss
      • Buyers and sellers are not screened, and issues with tickets being listed or delivered incorrectly are not the responsibility of StubHub
      • Guarantee for sellers is very non-committal


If you go into StubHub aware of what it is, and are careful to choose only buyers who have good selling histories, you’ll probably find that StubHub is a fantastic place to get inexpensive tickets that are hard to find elsewhere. Provided that the event isn’t cancelled, and your seller transfers the correct tickets or files, you should have no issues enjoying your event.

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