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Super Lawyers is an online directory of the top attorneys in the United States. This website was founded in 1991, and uses a detailed selection process, as well as a thorough review system, to present a directory of only the best lawyers in over 70 areas of law. Peer nominations, outstanding performance in their state and area of expertise, and formal nominations from professional legal groups are all a part of the selection service. Super Lawyers says that it accepts only 5% of lawyers in a given state to include in its exclusive database.


Super Lawyers is often touted as one of the best objective measures of an attorney’s value, with their detailed nomination and research process that would indicate that they only include the best of the best in their directory. This means that any lawyer you contact from Super Lawyers would be one that is highly skilled, very experienced, and passionate about what they do. All Super Lawyers are presented with in-depth reviews and background information, the result of Super Lawyers’ research into their practice during the nomination process.

But Super Lawyers isn’t just an online legal directory. They also offer information about certain areas of the law, including videos to help clients learn more about legal procedures; lists of lawyers that didn’t quite make it onto the Super Lawyers database (something like an “Honorable Mentions” section) to offer more options; and forums where clients can ask questions and receive answers from licensed legal professionals.

For lawyers, the professional community’s opinion on Super Lawyers seems to go two ways: some lawyers believe that this is a very helpful platform, a way to separate themselves from competition, and an honor to list on their professional credentials. However, there is also a large group of lawyers who believe that Super Lawyers is nothing more than a popularity contest, and that the nomination and acceptance measures do not result in a list of the absolute best lawyers in the business.

In fact, the ethics behind Super Lawyers have been questioned more than once, on both the state and the federal level. Before 2009, the New Jersey Supreme Court made Super Lawyers advertisements illegal within the state, citing an unethical review system and the misleading claim that these lawyers were somehow proven to be the best lawyers in the nation or state through legal means. After 2009, the NJ Supreme Court voted to allow the advertisements, but only if they carried the disclaimer that the Supreme Court did not approve the appointment or message that any of the so-called “Super Lawyers” were in fact the best lawyers in the state. This is only one example of similar concerns raised around the country by Super Lawyers’ advertisements that routinely carry the phrase “Best Lawyers in America”.


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Super Lawyers is an online directory of the top attorneys in over 70 areas of law in the United States.

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  • Extensive nomination and research system to choose the top performing lawyers in any state
  • Website is filled with helpful videos, blogs, and form Q&As for clients, for free
  • Website is simple to navigate

      • Opinion is divided in the legal community about the ethics of Super Lawyers
      • Concerns have been presented to state Supreme Courts about the marketing, which has resulted in outlawing, and later restricting, advertisements


If you are interested in looking for a lawyer, but you don’t want to search through a huge database of potential options, Super Lawyers is a solid place to begin. The fact that they don’t include every lawyer in your area could make the process of finding legal counsel less overwhelming. Just keep in mind that the reviews and selection process are largely based on the opinions of the Super Lawyers staff, and not based on client reviews or legal data, and you will likely have a helpful experience with Super Lawyers.

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