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The Dog Training Secret was built by a group of experienced dog training professionals. The website highlights a few different programs that use positive training methods for basic obedience, Canine Good Citizen preparation, and solutions to problem behaviors.


The Dog Training Secret sells several programs and products that help dog owners train their pets. Each program comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

The most comprehensive products is The Hands Off Dog Training Formula ($69.95), a series of DVDs that covers methods that reduce problem behavior, like barking, separation anxiety, and destructive chewing. It comes with two DVDs, an audio CD and bonus supplementary material. Consumers can save by purchasing the digital version for $37.77.

Chet Womach’s 8 Weeks To A Dream Dog ($197) is another draw to the site. The relatively expensive program is an 8-week boot camp that helps dogs get ready for the Canine Good Citizen test, which measures a dog’s ability to act in a calm manner in various settings with a range of distractions. While it is pricey compared to the other programs, it is more cost efficient than many in-person classes.

The House Manners Course ($97) includes 17 lessons that review common mistakes and bad dog behavior that creates a hectic home. The series emphasizes teaching dogs self-control and judgement skills, in order to help the dog to make better choices even when the pet parent isn’t nearby.

The Dog Training Secret store also carries tools that help training progress, like clickers, leashes and treat pouches.

The biggest perk about The Dog Training Secret website is the wealth of information that the experienced trainers have provided for free. There are numerous free videos that cover topics like potty training and how to stop excessive barking. Articles and featured blog posts dig further into any dog training topic, allowing many consumers to learn more about their issues before making a purchase.

Some consumers have reported unscrupulous practices upheld by The Dog Training Secret. Complaints consist of consumers being baited into purchasing the digital version of The Hands Off Dog Training Formula, and then being unwittingly signed up for a free trial of the 8 Weeks To A Dream Dog program, which they were charged for after the trial was up. There is a relatively low number of complaints, but they all consist of this tactic. To avoid issues, be sure to read the fine print for every box you click when making a purchase.


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The Dog Training Secret should be a go-to place for dog owners who need help with their dogs. The site uses humane, force-free methods with a 30 day money back guarantee.

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  • Scientifically proven methods
  • Convenient at-home training
  • Money back guarantee
  • Lots of free information available on the website

      • Bait and switch sales methods reported from consumers
      • Consumer complaints about customer service


The Dog Training Secret should be a go-to place for dog owners who need help with their dogs. The site uses humane, force-free methods that are recognized by the American Veterinary Society for Animal Behavior as being the gold standard. That being said, when it comes to dog training, the owners deserve to be treated well, too. It seems that is not the case, at least some of the time, when it comes to The Dog Training Secret. Consumers should be wary of reported bait and switch sales tactics. It might be wise to use a prepaid debit card when making a purchase to ensure that no additional charges are placed.

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