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TickPick is a peer-to-peer ticket marketplace that allows individuals to buy or sell their event tickets to other individuals. TickPick acts as a virtual marketplace, and assists with delivery and money exchange between parties. In exchange, it charges the sellers a 10% fee on sales; buyers pay no fees at all.

This company was launched in 2011 as a direct result of the founder’s bad experiences on StubHub, TickPick’s major competitor.


TickPick offers a variety of features that StubHub does not, making a very clear bid for the growing number of customers who aren’t happy with the peer-to-peer ticket sales giant. One of the first unique features of TickPick is its search engine: users can rate how important certain aspects of ticket hunting are to them (price above seating choice? Location over cheapness?), and TickPick will tailor search results to their needs. All search results are given an A through F letter grade, which reflects how closely the listed price is to market value, and how closely the listing matches what the consumer has indicated they are looking for.

TickPick also has a Priceline-style auction system, where consumers can name their price and wait for sellers to agree or return with a new counter bid. It’s important to note that TickPick doesn’t monitor ticket prices. Sellers can list their tickets at anything they want, and final prices decided between sellers and buyers may not have anything to do with the market value of the tickets.

TickPick also has a mobile app that allows fans of a particular sports team, musical ensemble, or any other entertainment group, to search for tickets and purchase them through the mobile app. It also allows users to keep tabs on certain performers, and to be alerted to upcoming local events. Those last two features are unique to TickPick; no other peer-to-peer ticket sales service allows users to save information about their preferences, and be notified when upcoming events might be of interest.

TickPick keeps a history of all sellers on the site, monitoring them for selling false tickets or not providing honest information at any step of the way. So far, TickPick seems to be able to back up its 100% authentic ticket guarantee. While they still don’t have quite the reach that StubHub has, and many not ever completely overtake their biggest competitor, it’s clear that TickPick has made itself a valuable resource for both buyers and sellers.


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TickPick offers unique search features, a fantastic mobile app, and a great auction tool with a growing marketplace.

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  • Personalized search feature
  • “Name your price” auction tool
  • Handy mobile app that includes unique alerts for upcoming events of interest based on your search history and location
  • Monitors sellers for honesty
  • No fees for buyers

      • Sellers pay a 10% fee on all sales
      • No caps on ticket prices that reflect market value
      • No specific refund language in the 100% genuine guarantee


At the end of the day, there’s no way for a marketplace like TickPick, or their competitors, to absolutely guarantee that a ticket will be real. Forgeries can and do happen, and the best that any company can do is offer refunds. Unfortunately, TickPick doesn’t include any specific language on refunds in the event that this does happen. However, with their unique search features, their fantastic mobile app, and their auction tool, TickPick may just be the place to go for better prices on tickets overall. Because it’s not as large as StubHub, buyers may still not find the largest selection of tickets possible, but the marketplace grows more every year. And with the ability to keep tabs on certain performers or local events, TickPick edges out in front of other competition.

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