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GetResponse Reviews

GetResponse Reviews

One of the pioneers of email marketing, GetResponse continues to deliver a premium product with a lot to offer. Started in 1999, GetResponse was originally based in ...

2 AWeber Reviews

AWeber Reviews

Aweber pioneered the autoresponder and is one of the leaders in the email automation segment. The company was started in the year 1998 and has more than 120,000+ customers today. Their email marketing service has been ...

3 MailChimp Reviews

MailChimp Reviews

MailChimp is a brand leader in email marketing services. Since 2001, the company has steadily increased its customer base.  Thanks to their easy to use and simple email marketing software, they have more than 10 million ...

4 iContact Reviews

iContact Reviews

For start-up companies who are working towards medium business status, iContact is an email management service that has been providing marketing solutions since 2003. Their focus is on the organization that needs ...

5 Benchmark Reviews

Benchmark Reviews

Benchmark started as a small group of people with an idea, and not much more. Today they are operating an international email management company, and their goal is to help you grow in the same way that they did. Benchmark ...

6 Constant Contact Reviews

Constant Contact Reviews

Constant Contact has been assisting small businesses meet their clients’ needs since 1995. Back then, in a Massachusetts’ attic, a company known as Roving Software saw the potential for email to become far more than just ...

7 Pinpointe Reviews

Pinpointe Reviews

Pinpointe is the email management system for mid-sized businesses. If your start up has taken off the training wheels and needs the same sophisticated automation as a large corporation, Pinpointe is the leading choice. ...

8 VerticalResponse Reviews

VerticalResponse Reviews

VerticalResponse was established in San Francisco in 2001, and quickly became one of the fastest growing email management companies in America. They acquired a social media marketing firm, and were then acquired ...

9 Infusionsoft Reviews

Infusionsoft Reviews

Infusionsoft is an impressive CRM company that is dedicated to championing the small business owner. Their services are all designed to help you grow in the way you want to. In fact, over 50% of their team is made up of ...

10 Sendlane Reviews

Sendlane Reviews

The information around the Internet on Sendlane all points to the creator, Jimmy Kim, and his reportedly amazing webinar series on building an email list. In fact, information on his webinar overshadows the company ...

11 Mailigen Reviews

Mailigen Reviews

Mailigen is devoted to one thing: making email marketing as easy as possible for businesses of all sizes. Based in Europe, their company was the result of a lack of good email management services in the area. Since 2006, ...

12 Campaigner Reviews

Campaigner Reviews

Campaigner is a solution for both large and small businesses, although many of their most popular services are geared towards the overwhelmed small business owner. Behind the services offered by Campaigner is the company ...

13 ActiveCampaign Reviews

ActiveCampaign Reviews

ActiveCampaign began as a solution for business owners who needed a way to keep in touch with their contacts. There was demand for a powerful, easy-to-use solution at a reasonable price with a market that lacked options.To this day, we ...

Email Marketing Buyers Guide

For many entrepreneurs, online presence is key to a successful business. In fact, pick up any book on business in the digital age, and you’ll find that having an email list of customers, reviewers, and supporters is vital to keeping your business afloat in those early years. You’ll want to keep anyone who expresses interest in your product or services updated with information, and you probably also want to send them goodies like giveaways and contests.

Managing thousands of emails every week simply can’t be done when you’re running a business, so an email marketing service is the best investment you can make when you’re just getting started. There are many popular email marketing services around the Internet, so let’s compare some of the best options for you.

MailChimp is great if you’re just getting started and don’t have a lot of capital to sink. This product allows you to send up to 12,000 emails per month for free, so long as you have less than 2,000 subscribers. Once you get over that limit, the pricing plans are very cheap. They also have an easy-to-use newsletter design process to make your emails stand out a bit. Their customer service is lacking, with no phone support, and very few ways to analyze your traffic and responses. However, what tracking methods they do allow you to understand where your best traffic comes from, and how to avoid falling into Spam folders.

AWebar is a competitive company that grows every year. They have purchased other email marketing services in the past, making them easily one of the power players in this industry. Their plans start at $19 and grow from there. With over 700 templates for newsletter designs, and an easy drag-and-drop editor, your newsletter will definitely shine through AWebar. You can add attachments, broadcast an archive, and integrate with multiple other apps. Best of all, their reporting and tracking systems are detailed, so you can very closely monitor the pulse of your business. In fact, with excellent customer service and so many great features, the only negative thing that most people can report about them is that they don’t have sharing and integration options with the main social media websites.

Get Response
Get Response is a email marketing service that is consistently voted as the top service in this area, for a huge variety of reasons. The email creator is intuitive and beautiful. The scheduler focuses on sending emails only during optimal local times for each of your subscribers. The completely integrated design allows you to use your Get Response newsletter with all major social media websites, and you can create surveys or add QR codes, or even add multimedia effects to your newsletter. While there is no free plan, and the newsletter design options aren’t as varied, this service has more than enough to offer any business.

Campaigner falls between the services already listed here. While there is no free option, their amazing customer service reports more than make up for the low monthly fee. If you’re not the most email savvy user, this is definitely the service for you. Their newsletter template is easy to use, and they allow you to create trigger campaigns, which sends out special newsletters only when certain events or topics are hot in your business circles.

Using an email marketing service like the ones we’ve compared here is a great way to delegate an otherwise time consuming task. Once you’ve earned a dedicated fan base, keeping them up to date on all the happenings around your business ensures that they keep coming back for more, and that they tell their friends and family.

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