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Snagajob Reviews

Snagajob Reviews

In 2000, a small start-up called Snagajob was founded by Shawn Boyer in Richmond, Virginia. After raising over 40 million dollars from private investors, this job aggregation website has become on par with services such ...

2 Indeed Reviews

Indeed Reviews

Founded in 2004, Indeed is a search engine that allows users to find or post job listings, as well as post resumes and apply for jobs, worldwide. The user base is primarily American, but jobs are listed from all over the ...

3 Monster Reviews

Monster Reviews

In 1999, two of the very first career service websites merged to create, which has since become one of the most recognizable names for job seekers. This job aggregation site is largely focused on connecting ...

4 Reviews Reviews was founded in 1998, as more than a simple job aggregation website. The company promotes career growth and development through a variety of tools that include resume writing help, retirement planning tips, ...

User’s Guide to Job Aggregator Services

The Internet is filled with dozens, if not hundreds, of websites that list job openings. These job aggregation services can be incredibly narrow, niche websites, dedicated to a specific region or industry; or they can be huge websites, like the well-known, that gather job listings from all over the world in every industry, and present them for job seekers who need a one-stop-shop for job hunting.

Top Job Search SitesWith so many job hunting websites around the Internet, it’s to be expected that not all are worth your time. There are several things that make an aggregation site useful to job seekers, and choosing a website that doesn’t feature these things is likely to lead to a frustrating waste of time. Choosing to look in the wrong place can lead users to miss the opportunity for their dream job, so this is no simple decision. Here are a few things to look for when choosing the right site to browse for a job.

Search Function

The first thing to consider is the search function of the website. How detailed does the search function allow you to get? Some sites use a keyword search function that lets users define some very narrow criteria for their hunt; others use a series of clickable options that help users narrow down job offerings based on the most common keywords used by employers. Another thing to consider is how wide the search goes. Some websites are focused only on a specific region or state; others feature national or even worldwide searches for employees who are interested in moving for the right job.

Connection Features

Most major job searching websites, including and, allow users to upload a resume, and even apply directly to a listing through the website itself. This makes it very easy for job hunters who are applying to dozens of companies every day or week; instead of typing your information again and again, users can simply allow the website to forward the information that they’ve put in their profile, streamlining the entire process.

Others have tools that allow users to connect to resume writing services and recruitment agents for even more opportunities to get the right job.


How the website allows users to access features is another thing to consider. Almost every major job aggregation service has a mobile app, or a mobile-friendly website. This is important for one very big reason: most of these services also allow users to set automatic notifications for new listings that meet certain keyword and location criteria. If a notification for your dream job comes in while you’re out, you want to be able to get to the website right then to apply for the job. Being able to access the website through your phone is vital in that situation.

Other Features

Some job aggregators offer other features that help you develop career skills. Industry-specific forums, video tutorials on acing interviews, and personality tests that can help you uncover what types of jobs you are best suited for, are all extra features offered by some of the largest job aggregation sites on the Internet.

Additionally, while every job aggregation site we reviewed offers a free account for browsers, some extra features can be paid for on some sites. For example, some sites offer users the ability to pay a fee so that their application turns up within the first few for any job listing, regardless of when they applied.

While being unemployed is often a situation where patience isn’t a virtue, it’s important to spend a least a few minutes looking over any job aggregator you visit. Be sure that the website will offer you the type of opportunities you want to see, so that you never miss an opportunity.

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