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GoGreenSolar Reviews

GoGreenSolar Reviews

GoGreenSolar sells DIY solar kits to handy individuals or businesses who want to give solar energy a try. This company was founded in 2006 in California, and offers their kits to contractors, homeowners, small ...

2 Dividend Solar Reviews

Dividend Solar Reviews

Dividend Solar is a lending company that specifically creates custom loans for homeowners who want to install solar energy panels in their homes. They aren’t a bank, nor are they a traditional loan company. Instead of ...

3 Vivint Solar Reviews

Vivint Solar Reviews

Vivint Solar is a company that designs, installs, and maintains solar energy panels in these states: Arizona, California, Hawaii, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, South Carolina, ...

4 My Solar Pulse Reviews

My Solar Pulse Reviews

Citizens of Denver and the surrounding areas can now access information regarding qualified solar power installation through My Solar Pulse. This business helps people find out if solar power is a good fit for their ...

Solar Power Buyers Guide

As humans look for more efficient and eco-friendlier ways to power our lives, there’s no way to deny that solar energy is one of the most viable options. It’s steadily becoming one of the most affordable alternative energy options there is, and it’s 100% renewable: the sun will always be there, shining down on the earth, and there’s no way for it to be restricted. Other than the natural cycle of day and night, there can be no shortages or production limitations. And our technology is growing so fast that we are now able to reliably capture solar energy even in climates that rarely experience clear skies, and store energy for use overnight.

Finally, solar energy is completely eco-friendly. It doesn’t remove anything from the earth, and doesn’t stop plants from soaking up what they need of this natural resource either. So when shopping for the best alternative energy source, it’s no wonder that so many are turning to solar energy. But how do you know which solar energy installers, lenders, or consultants to turn to? Here are some things to consider about solar energy panels.

Leasing or PPA

For most homeowners, buying solar panels outright is too expensive. A full array of panels for a single-family home can easily start at $10,000 and rise from there. So for most homeowners, leasing their panels, or doing a PPA agreement where they purchase the energy produced by the panels rather than the panels themselves, is the best option. Solar companies like Vivint Solar have made a name for themselves in this type of solar panel installation. Through companies like this, homeowners can have solar panels mounted and maintained on their property for free. They purchase the energy that is produced by the panels for an agreed-upon length of time (usually at least 20 years), and everyone benefits from this arrangement.

Buying Outright

Some homeowners or businesses may prefer to purchase their solar panels outright. There are many benefits to this, including the ability to control where and how solar panels are installed. For homeowners who can’t afford to simply fork over cash for expensive solar panels, companies like Dividend Solar exist to help finance solar energy installations. Through special finance companies like this, those who qualify can easily get solar installations off the ground quickly, and then pay back the loan just like a regular home or car loan.

DIY Kits vs. Installation

While most people choose to have a company install solar panels for them, others may choose to purchase a Do-It-Yourself kit. Companies like GoGreenSolar are making it easy for handy individuals or organizations to get a customized design for their property. They can hire installers to do the labor, but the key is in the personalized kit that works exactly for their needs. These kits are often a very affordable option, which make them attractive for homeowners who fall somewhere in between the leasing crowd and the buying crowd.

Do Your Research

There are several other services that can help buyers connect to the experts they need, in order to get as much information as possible about installing solar power. Solar Pulse, for example, is a company based in Denver that helps assess a homeowners’ compatibility with solar energy, discusses what types of solar installation would work for their lifestyle, and connects them with the right experts in their area of the United States. Doing your research before you buy is the best way to ensure that you’ll end up with a solar energy installation that will power your home for decades to come.

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