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TravelScoot’s beginning has a very interesting history. The creator of these ultra-light weight and portable scooters was injured himself in a flying accident. Although still able to walk, over time he decided his life could be improved by a mobility scooter. Unfortunately, none of the ones on the market truly met his needs. As a pilot, he needed something much lighter, smaller, and easier to transport wherever he went. Hence, TravelScoot. The company claims when their scooters came out on the market, they weighed 50 percent less than other scooters and still had 30 percent more load capacity.
Right now the company offers four scooters:

• Standard (47 lbs)
• Delux (35 lbs)
• Shopper (26 lbs)
• Shopper Junior for smaller heights and builds (26 lbs)

Both the Standard and Delux version come in two different sizes depending on your height. Most cost around $2,500, but you can also select speeds of 3 or 4.5 mph and come customized to your height and weight.


TravelScoot is really impressive, and a great option for many people. Because it is so lightweight it is incredibly convenient and gives users a sense of freedom other scooters can’t compete with. It’s so small some people have stored it in a golf bag.

In the past, the scooter’s downfall was its inability to go in reverse, but that has since been fixed. In terms of speed, you can’t expect to go above 4 mph, which could be a downside. They also only come in three-wheels, so if you are concerned about stability, it might not work for you in the long run. Others are limited by the pedal rests, which clearly aren’t designed for someone who has severe difficulties in leg movements or control. If you’re unable to stabilize your feet on the footrests without other supports, they could easily slip off.

While there are some limitations, TravelScoot seems like the perfect option for people who are still pretty mobile and need some extra help every now and then getting around. It serves a market for active people who need the convenience of being able to easily pack up and take their scooter in their cars to the store, or on buses, trains, planes, or on cruises.

Best of all, although not accredited by the Better Business Bureau, they haven’t received any complaints within the last three years.


8.7 Total Score

TravelScoot is a great option for many people because it is so lightweight, incredibly convenient and gives users a sense of freedom other scooters can’t compete with.

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  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Easy to store and transport
  • Perfect for travelers or more active people
  • Cool and youthful design

      • Inaccessible for more severe disabilities
      • Doesn’t have a four-wheel option
      • Slower speeds
      • Not made for hard use or terrains


If you are still fairly mobile TravelScoot is an excellent option. It can easily be an everyday scooter to use in your home, and for trips to the store or city. Although it isn’t made for difficult surfaces, some people have used it on gravel and cobblestones with success. If you need a scooter that can move quickly in outdoor spaces over rough surfaces, this isn’t a good option. However, if you are a traveler (in your community or abroad) this scooter is ideal.

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