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Vivint Solar is a company that designs, installs, and maintains solar energy panels in these states: Arizona, California, Hawaii, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Utah, as well as Washington D.C. In 2013, they were the number two residential solar installer in the entire United States, and have installed over 40,000 solar panel systems across their entire operations.

Today, Vivint Solar is one of the fastest growing solar energy companies in the nation, with professionally trained and certified employees who are experts at what they do. Vivint Solar went public in 2014, after being operational for three years.


Vivint Solar is one of the fastest growing solar energy installers for a reason: they make it simple for just about anyone to afford solar energy by requiring nothing up front. Buyers don’t have to lease the solar panel system; instead, they simply purchase what solar energy they create through their installation. All of the design, installation, and service is part of the package. Customers get a locked price per kilowatt hour, so there’s never any concern about rising costs. The company also guarantees a minimum energy production based on the buyer’s specific circumstances, which usually leads to a roughly 30% reduction in the home’s energy bill.

If you move, the solar panels will either be transferred to the new owner, relocated to your new home for free, or you can purchase the system yourself after six years. This option seems attractive for those who couldn’t fathom spending $10,000 on a solar panel installation, and it can be. But it does come with a big downside: there is no way to apply for the federal and state tax credits that are offered to homeowners who do install solar energy panels. If you don’t own the system, it won’t count, and there are other things to consider with the payment plan. While you can buy the panels after six years, you are initially locked into a 20-year agreement with Vivint Solar.

Customer service seems to be hit or miss for Vivint Solar buyers. Some reports claim that their solar installation was done in a day; others say that tit took up to six months for their system to be working properly. As the company grows, its efficiency improves, so the newest buyers are likely to see results on the better end of the spectrum.


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Vivint Solar makes it simple for just about anyone to afford solar energy by requiring nothing up front. All of the design, installation, and service is part of the package.

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  • No big purchase is required up front to have solar energy
  • Vivint Solar services 12 states, unlike many other solar energy companies that only service one or two
  • Maintenance and moving is all done by the Vivint Solar team
  • Locked prices and guaranteed energy output means that buyers can count on the projected savings

  • Payment agreements start at 20-year contracts, with only a single buy-out option at the six-year mark
  • Homeowners won’t be able to apply for tax credits through the Vivint Solar product
  • Customer service reports present a picture that isn’t always ideal, though new customers are likely to experience faster installation and maintenance times as the company grows


For a very specific type of homeowner, Vivint Solar could be perfect. If you are unable to afford the financing for a major solar installation; are unlikely to move within the next 20 years; want a way to both save money and help the environment; and live in one of the serviced states, Vivint Solar is an excellent option.

If you can afford to save or finance a solar installation on your own, you’re probably better off waiting. The long contract terms aren’t ideal, and you’ll miss out on the great tax credits if you rush into an agreement with Vivint.

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