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Zendesk is a sleek customer support platform developed in Copenhagen, reflecting the modern and minimal style of most Danish software. The simplicity doesn’t negate how powerful the software is; with tons of features that help businesses address their customer’s needs, Zendesk does far more than just uncluttering the workspace of the customer service representative.

Zendesk starts with basic ticket processing functions, to collect customer service requests, and present them in a way that makes them easy to address. From there, it builds with other engagement tools so that your employees can improve customer service overall. The company even offers training and other support for your team.


As far as customer support platforms go, Zendesk is an impressive contender for the top five. They offer plenty of features with an excellent user interface that is both attractive to use and has everything you need within one main workspace. The biggest drawback to Zendesk is their tier system, which starts with a low price of $1 per user per month, but includes next to none of the features you’ll need. At that level, the only reporting you receive is just a basic .CSV file, for example. As the tiers go up, they are more expensive than similar services, with the top tier ($195 per user per month) including their training and support services.

Most businesses are probably going to opt for the middle $59 per user per month tier, which gives you the majority of the reporting and other tools at a competitive price. They do offer a free trial to give their services a try before committing.

They have an extensive app marketplace, so you can add on live chat, e-Commerce, and other project management tools to your customer service platform. There’s even an API that allows you to create third-party integrations. All of this is free, part of the regular tier price, so you can customize your experience very quickly and easily.

One of the key features of Zendesk is the attached notes that can be added to any ticket. They can be both public and private, so it’s easy to create a knowledge base for any issue or customer. Need to pass a customer on to a specialized branch of customer service? Add their issue to the notes so they don’t have to explain their issue again. There’s also a great search tool that allows customer service agents to quickly sort through tickets and notes, to find any information that they may need immediately.

Zendesk is strictly a customer service ticket management platform, however. There’s no way to follow up on leads or send follow-up email through the program.


7.3 Total Score

Zendesk is a sleek customer support platform with tons of features that help businesses address their customer’s needs,

Ease of Use
Customer Care
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79 %
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88 %
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92 %
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  • Minimal workspace that makes it easy for employees to uses
  • Search feature to quickly find information
  • Notes feature to keep a knowledge base on all tickets, customers, or issues
  • App marketplace to incorporate live chat and other important features
  • Customer service training available at the highest levels

      • Pricier than other options, and the lowest tier doesn’t offer enough features to be feasible for most businesses
      • No way to send follow-up emails or manage other aspects of customer service beyond customer-initiated contact


For larger companies that really want to improve their customer service experience, Zendesk could be exactly the solution you’ve been looking for. While you’ll pay a little more for the features you need, the easy interface and calm, uncluttered appearance makes it easier for your employees to feel in control of the service they offer. All the tiers include unlimited data storage, so you don’t have to worry about losing information along the way.

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