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Constant Contact has been assisting small businesses meet their clients’ needs since 1995. Back then, in a Massachusetts’ attic, a company known as Roving Software saw the potential for email to become far more than just a way for the tech-savvy to stay in touch. In fact, as they developed into Constant Contact, they knew that email was one of the top ways small businesses could compete with the monopoly of big business. Today, they are part of the Endurance International Group, continuing to help small businesses use the Internet to meet their fullest potential.


If your business concerns are less focused on sending highly-designed campaigns, and more on making sure that the right people get the right message and no more, Constant Contact may be a good solution for you. The biggest feature that they offer is an extensive spam auditing system, which may seem cumbersome at first. If your contact list is populated with generic company emails, you may find yourself in contact with Constant Contact’s customer service more than once. But the flipside of that inconvenience is that your newsletter is guaranteed to be delivered to your clients’ inboxes every time.

And that’s really it. Constant Contact does have some other fantastic features, like multiple ways to get your contact list uploaded, and plenty of basic templates to choose from. They even allow you to integrate with Facebook and Twitter for a wider reach, if you choose. But the core focus of Constant Contact is ensuring that your email gets delivered, and isn’t marked as spam. Anything else you may wish to see from an email management service is on you.

There is no way to create an automatic trigger response with Constant Contact. If you want to follow up with activity caused by your email, you’ll have to do it yourself. They do offer plenty of reporting options so that you can keep track of those interactions, but most of the features that prompt your clients to click, such as surveys, cost extra.

The customer service provided by Constant Contact is touch and go. While the phone hours are long enough to take advantage of your after-work hours, they are frequently cited as having long wait times. There is email and chat support available if you prefer. The free trial is a generous length of 60 days, but there are strict limits on how much you can use the service in that time.


8.5 Total Score

Constant Contact is a steady, dependable service that will work to get your message to everyone. You’ll generate professional emails that will get the job done.

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  • Strict audit system that will ensure your emails are never marked as spam
  • Good basic template designer that is great for someone who wants a no-frills newsletter
  • Reporting and social media integration that gives you tools to go the extra mile if you choose

      • Outdated user interface that may require tweaking to get formatting to work correctly
      • Their prices are higher than their competitors, and their stock photos and extra features come at a price
      • Image storage can be tricky to use, displaying only part of your uploaded gallery at a time
      • No automated trigger responses


If you need a basic email newsletter to keep your best clients in the loop, and don’t want to spend a lot of time dealing with rejected emails, Constant Contact is a steady, dependable service that will work to get your message to everyone. You’ll generate professional emails that will get the job done. The lack of commonly expected features and the higher price may turn many users to other services overall. Those who need more flexibility and a way to ensure follow up with their clients would be best served elsewhere.

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