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VerticalResponse was established in San Francisco in 2001, and quickly became one of the fastest growing email management companies in America. They acquired a social media marketing firm, and were then acquired themselves by Deluxe, making them part of a long-standing tradition of serving small businesses and individuals. With their multiple awards and newly revamped user interface, VerticalResponse is trusted to help you do a variety of marketing all from a single account.


If you run a small business that requires a heavy online presence, VerticalResponse could be a life saver. The email management is fully integrated with social media marketing on Facebook and Twitter, the two most popular social media communities that your customers utilize. Additionally, VerticalResponse’s templates are all completely responsive, so they’ll look great on tablets, phones, and computers.

Their auto response features are heavy on functionality, allowing you to welcome new followers, send follow up emails with new subject lines to those who didn’t open previous emails, and schedule auto responses so that they are delivered during your customers’ peak hours. You can also publish your newsletter for free from the VerticalResponse website, where they will host it indefinitely while you share the link.

Email creation is easy and full of the features that you need to get interaction from your clients. Surveys, dynamic templates, and full HTML support allows you to get exactly what you want sent to your customers. Additionally, their reporting functions are exactly what you’d expect from a company this size. You can get the break down of how your social media integration has improved your email list subscription, and track sales and other responses to your campaigns. The subscriber segmentation isn’t as detailed or as customizable as other email management services.

One of the first things that attracts many users it the fact that Vertical Response has two free plans, and their paid plans are relatively less expensive than many of their competitors. However, until you sign up for the higher level plans, you won’t have full access to many of the features such as surveys and the all-important social media features that drew in so many users.

There is no built-in media library to draw from, but VerticalResponse will host your images for an email. You can’t store those images for later use, so if you rely on a company logo to brand all your emails, be prepared to upload it each and every time you create a newsletter. There is no way to check for spam results before you send, but VerticalResponse allows you to send up to ten test emails before you commit.

Finally, the company offers a full range of educational material through their webinars, blog, video tutorials, and social media accounts that assist you in learning their program as you go.


7.9 Total Score

VerticalResponse’s templates are all completely responsive, so they’ll look great on tablets, phones, and computers, and the email management is fully integrated with social media marketing on Facebook and Twitter.

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  • Multiple free account options
  • Ability to integrate with social media at higher paid levels
  • Fully responsive email templates
  • Auto response capability to stay in contact with your clients

      • Most popular features restricted at free and less expensive levels
      • Images aren’t stored permanently for future use
      • Email creation interface not optimized for Chrome or Safari browsers


If your emailing practices aren’t as heavy as other businesses, and you don’t want to sink a lot of money into a great email management system, VerticalResponse is probably one of the best options for you. You can easily pay as you go for the features you want to use in the moment, and you’ll get the reporting and integration you need to make the most out of irregular emails.

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