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When the computer industry talks about Internet security, it’s impossible to have a discussion without mentioning Kaspersky Lab. Kaspersky is one of the largest Internet security software providers in the world, operating in over 200 countries or territories. As of 2016, they serve over 400 million users worldwide. With so many customers, it’s easy to see why they are considered experts in the field of Internet security. They focus on small to medium-sized businesses, but also offer products that work for individuals.

One of the ways in which Kaspersky has made a name for itself is by creating an in-house research and analysis team that discovers and documents threats to Internet security. In fact, this team has been part of the takedown of many of the most dangerous threats to Internet safety to date. The information learned at the hands of this team is what goes into creating the security suite software that Kaspersky offers to users today.


Kaspersky makes many Internet security products, but the most popular include the Antivirus software, the Internet Security software, and the Total Security software. They all come with antivirus, anti-spyware, and anti-phishing scans. There are built-in safety checks that keep your device safe while you use it, and unlocking tools that allow you to get into your computer if a Trojan infection blocks the screen. There is also a Rollback feature, which acts as an undo button for dangerous actions, and a built-in URL advisor, so you can be sure that you are only visiting secure sites.

In addition to these features at the basic Antivirus level, you can upgrade for parental control, theft protection, webcam protection, password management, and the ability to switch to a gamer mode, which allows you to stream or play without losing speed. All of these can be purchased in bundles to cover more than one device, and you can buy them at discounted rates for three-year licenses.

In every lab test, Kaspersky did well at checking for viruses, eliminating false positives, and maintaining speed. In fact, installation and uninstallation is fast and easy. However, Kaspersky is one of the few Internet security providers that does not have a 24-hour customer service line; so while their customer service is rated one of the best in the industry, you’ll have to call during their 18-hour open window. There is a self-service portal that allows you to sift through some of the most common questions, and submit a report for review during the off hours. You can also use the same portal to create a ticket that makes getting through the phone or chat service much faster.


7.4 Total Score
Kaspersky Reviews

Kaspersky Lab is an excellent option for both PC and Mac, businesses and personal computers. Kaspersky can cover anyone’s needs.

Ease of Use
Customer Care
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  • Plenty of great bonus features that don’t stop the software from preforming the basic protection service
  • Years of expert experience and analysis backing the antivirus software
  • Very quick installation and uninstallation
  • Easy user interface that has remained the same over many new versions and updates
  • Free 30-day trials for any software
  • Highly rated customer service, when it is available

  • Serious questions have recently been raised about the motives and security of the company itself.
  • No 24-hour customer service


With the only major drawback being a lack of middle-of-the-night customer service, Kaspersky is clearly an excellent option. With options for both PC and Mac, businesses and personal computers, Kaspersky can cover anyone’s needs. Unless you are someone who frequently needs customer service during off-hours, the negatives are basically none. There’s even a free virus scanner you can try out on their website, to get a feel for the interface without downloading the 30-day trial software. The price is on par with other similar Internet security suites, and with less problematic issues to get around, there’s really no reason why anyone shouldn’t give Kaspersky a try.

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