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Dividend Solar is a lending company that specifically creates custom loans for homeowners who want to install solar energy panels in their homes. They aren’t a bank, nor are they a traditional loan company. Instead of loaning money out of some dusty vault guarded by men in suits, Dividend Solar partners with investors who are looking for low-risk returns. It benefits everyone because it helps create an efficient lending market.

Dividend Solar was started in order to connect homeowners to customer-centric investors as well as installers, and to make the entire process an easy, streamlined event. By partnering with installers local to your area, Dividend Solar can offer performance and maintenance guarantees, so you are sure to get the best service.


While Dividend Solar does provide some of the same services as other solar power companies, such as connecting homeowners to the right installation contractors, their main focus is on helping secure financing. Because solar panel rental agreements usually run into the decades, buying your solar panels outright is becoming a more attractive option for many. Dividend Solar uses money from investors to offer you loan packages.

Getting a loan from a private investor, rather than a bank, means that there are no penalties for paying off your loan early. If you qualify for Dividend Solar’s EmpowerLoan, you won’t have to put down any money to get started, and you’ll earn their 15-year warranty on repairs and defects of the solar panels. Dividend Solar can offer financing and work with local installers in over 30 states, and can offer financing in a handful more. In these extra states, homeowners will have to find the installers themselves, but it still may be worthwhile to check out the financing options available.

As a company that is primarily focused on the loan and financing end of the solar industry, don’t expect Dividend Solar to be experts in solar energy installation. They rely on third-party installers for information, so you’ll have to trust that whatever local installer they work with knows their stuff. There are no other options besides the EmpowerLoan; you can’t choose to lease your panels, or to enter a PPA agreement wherein you purchase the energy created by the panels rather than the panels themselves.


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Dividend Solar provides some of the same services as other solar power companies, such as connecting homeowners to the right installation contractors, their main focus is on helping secure financing.

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  • Financing through Dividend Solar is available in far more states than most other solar companies
  • Backing from private investors removes penalties for paying off your loan early
  • Dividend Solar works with local installers to warranty the parts, so you don’t have to worry about damages while you’re paying off your loan
  • No money is required for a down payment if you qualify for the EmpowerLoan

  • There are no options for leasing or PPA available; Dividend Solar works strictly with homeowners who wish to buy their solar panels
  • Divided Solar’s experience lies more with finances than solar energy


If you are a homeowner with good credit, and you’re either unable or unwilling to lease solar panels, Dividend Solar is a solid financing choice to look into. You may end up stuck with an installer that wouldn’t have been your first choice, but the product warranty guarantees that you’ll have working solar panels no matter what. And while their lack of experience in the solar industry could be problematic, what you really want out of a lender is experience in the financial industry. Dividend Solar can definitely offer the financial chops you want to see from a lender, and with private backers footing the bill, rather than a corporation or a bank, you’ll be able to be a part of creating a stable lending environment that benefits everyone involved.

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