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Hoveround is one of the largest providers of mobility scooters in the United States. According to a CBS News report they and another company, The SCOOTER Store, make up 70 percent of the market. The business began in 1992 and has held an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, resolving complaints in a timely manner.

They claim to stand out from other scooter providers with their “round for a reason” design, which allows users to turn sharp, 90 degree angles. They also control their manufacturing process, assemble their products in the states, and deliver their scooters for free.

Although always innovating, they now provide five different types of three-wheel scooters, and six different four-wheel scooters, which vary between lightweight, heavy duty, and all-terrain designs. The cheapest models are lightweight and come in around $750 while the most expensive is the heavy duty scooter at $3,949.


Being one of the largest providers, there’s bound to be some complaints. In the last three years, the BBB has received over 90 but all were resolved, though many people often complain about the poor customer service after purchase. Unfortunately, being able to correct problems immediately is essential in this kind of industry, where a broken scooter could greatly impact someone’s quality of life. Although Hoveround isn’t necessarily slow to respond, they often don’t get the problem fixed the first time.

One major issue is their policy on flat tires. They ship parts but don’t send a repairman to fix them. Considering many of the people using the chairs depend on them for mobility issues, it’s unclear how the company expects their buyers to do the repairs themselves. Call a friend? What’s more, the parts take several days to ship, making the scooter useless until they arrive and someone can help with the installation.

Since they sell so many scooters, they must be doing something good, right? Success might not have as much to do with their scooters as their ability to advertise. According to CBS News, between The SCOOTER Store and Hoveround, they spend over $180 million a year on advertising.

Although the scooters are expensive, for those who have a medical necessity Medicare pays for almost 80 percent of the costs, greatly reducing the big price tags. Even when purchased with Medicare, it is delivered for free and a representative helps the user learn to maneuver it through the Hoveround White Glove Deliver program.

Keep in mind no new sales or services are being provided in AK, HI, MT, ND, SD, or WY.


3.4 Total Score

Hoveround provides five different types of three-wheel scooters, and six different four-wheel scooters, which vary between lightweight, heavy duty, and all-terrain designs.

Customer Service
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  • Provide a wide variety of scooters to meet all needs
  • Free shipping and in-home training
  • Parts are fully serviceable
  • Offer wide variety of accessories
  • Medicare covers most costs
  • Works to resolve complaints

      • Poor customer service
      • Repair services are mediocre
      • Expect customers to do some repairs themselves
      • No sales and service in AK, HI, MT, ND, SD, and WY


Hoveround has a lot of great scooter options, and the ability to turn at sharp angles on many models makes for increased flexibility. The most important thing to know before purchasing from Hoveround is that repairs usually become inevitable, and you’ll be expected to make minor repairs yourself. If that’s not an option, it’s better to choose a different mobility scooter provider.

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